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Gathering Speed

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Gathering Speed album cover
High Tide Last Stand
7:06   $0.99
Fighter Command
The Road Much Further On
8:39   $0.99
Sky Flying On Fire
6:05   $0.99
Pell Mell
6:36   $0.99
Powder Monkey
9:08   $0.99
Gathering Speed
7:24   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 7   Total Length: 55:43

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Totally Agree with ProgNClassicaLo- ver


Indeed, Wind and Wuthering is my favorite Genesis album. This band brings back that guitar and mellowtron sound that reminds me so much of Autumn and early winter in the N/E USA. The vocals are a cross between Phil and Fish (Marillion) and the keys and guitar blend well on these pieces that evolve and mature as you listen. It is not just a bunch of notes like some neoprog has become. Good Stuff!

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Trespass Genesis Minus Gabriel


Outstanding old school prog that asks the musical question: What would Genesis have become if Peter Gabriel had quit after "Trespass" and Ant Philips would have stayed? So this is a cross between the atmospheric goth of Ant Philips (from whom most of Steve Hackett's guitar licks were appropriated) and the mellower and more tuneful roots of the Phil Collins era circa "Wind and Wuthering", minus the Gabriel bombast. But Big Big Train still manages to sound totally fresh, musical and sufficiently if not totally original. Highly recommended and their newer albums are even better.