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Solos: The Jazz Sessions

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Solos: The Jazz Sessions album cover
Keep Your Eyes Open
4:46   $0.99
Interview #1
1:47   $0.99
Throughout, Ron Carter
7:48   $0.99
Interview #2
1:10   $0.99
7:50   $0.99
Interview #3
0:41   $0.99
Interview #4
1:46   $0.99
Wildwood Flower, Poem For Eva
7:29   $0.99
Interview #5
1:09   $0.99
Masters of War
5:05   $0.99
My Man’s Gone Now
4:21   $0.99
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
4:01   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 13   Total Length: 59:02

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Britt Robson


Britt Robson has written about jazz for Jazz Times, downbeat, the Washington Post and many other publications over the past 30 years. He currently writes regula...more »

Bill Frisell, Solos: The Jazz Sessions
2012 | Label: Original Spin Music / A-Train

Bill Frisell has always been a guitarist of unflappable grace and homespun wisdom, spooling out luscious textures with a deliberate, unmistakable drawl that is an anodyne to tumult and chaos. The revelation of Solos: The Jazz Sessions is that he is able to sustain that gentle luminosity when surrounded by churchlike quiet.

Recorded in a Toronto church in April, 2004, as part of a Canadian television series that filmed solo performances and interviews with prominent… read more »

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Solos: The Jazz Sessions


Riggingguy is right. Most of us want to listen to music precisely because we're fed up with the blah blah blah of the world. Of course you can defend EMusic by saying it's all determined by computer algorithms, but is this really the way it should be? If EMusic cared about customer satisfaction they would have someone reading complaints like this and responding to them. There is a work-around short of deleting the offending tracks. ITunes, at least, makes it easy to rename tracks, so the interview portions can be culled from the music, and whenever Diamondking wants to lean back to some blah blah blah from Bill Frisell he can have a ball.

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Hey Riggingguy - the length of the song determines whether it's "Album Only" - downloading the interviews has nothing to do with it. BTW, the whole album is pretty special and the interview bits are very cool anyway.

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Solos: The Jazz Sessions


Curious. Track 12 is labeled My Man's Gone Now, so I was surprised to hit play and hear a (sweetly prismatic) rendition of Mancini's The Days of Wine and Roses. So who mislabeled the track -- emusic or the record label?

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LAME!!!! Shenandoah only available if you download the interviews....Really?????

eMusic Features


Bill Frisell’s Pan-Americana

By Kevin Whitehead, Contributor

Bill Frisell, the singular and much admired/emulated jazz guitarist, is a case study in uncategorizability. As he's often said, in one form or another: First I was tagged as the ECM guy, then the downtown guy, then the Americana guy. In reality, those were all always the same guy. As early as the 1982 recordings for his debut on ECM, In Line - solos, overdubbed solos and duets with bassist Arild Andersen - there was this odd… more »