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28 After

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28 After album cover
The Devil In Us
On Just Foot
Coach Me
I Regret The Flower Power
Constantly No Respect
On Other Skin
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 32:08

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Come On People This is NOT GREAT


Only hard drugs would make this ride fun. Another example of "underground" trouser press hype. Yes, it's interesting that this was created in analog but not enough to make it great, sorry, it's boring. H Friend was interesting, the rest is just an extended version of nothing.

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The world is a better place with this album in existence! Amazing!

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Fucking Insane


Sooo good. Dark and spooky, yet totally danceable. Just DL it and get awesome.

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Heart & Feet Music for the Heads


Yup. This is pretty bonkers. Subtle, but very twisted. When you go to the right club it gets a bit like this now and again, but just allow yourself a moment to imagine how marvellously twisted it would be if they actually managed to play stuff like this for the whole night...

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Groovy Baby


Great, fun, and fluid. The vocals take it beyond basic electronic music into something memorable with punch and pizazz. It'll have you thinking "do do do do ... do do do do ..."

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Mixmag top 50 albums of 2006


This album was rated 45 in the top 50 albums of 2006 as reviewed by Mixmag.

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Step into a time zone...


It's only January, I know, but I can say with a strong degree of confidence fewer than ten CDs will be released between now and the end of the year that I will like more than the Black Devil Disco Club CD, which means nothing will supplant it on my year-end 2007 Top Ten list. Bold prediction? Maybe. Nothing in my collection is more appropriately named; it sounds precisely as you would think a CD from an artist called Black Devil Disco Club would sound (especially if you know beforehand they [he, she, it] are/is French). Spiritually, it's very much in the same vein as the LCD Soundsystem / Nike thing from last year (that one made my Top Ten of 2006), which is to say it's a strangely anachronistic (yet thoroughly modern) and utterly loveable cheesy dance record. Recommended without reservation.

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This album is equal parts Matthew Dear, Giorgio Moroder, Adult., and The Knife with a whole blotter sheet of acid thrown in for good measure. I really like it a lot. Imagine sitting in a fallout shelter (in the middle of the desert) covered in black velvet paintings, while eating peyote, and dreaming of Studio 54 and you get a good feel for what this album is like.