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Nervous Breakdown

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Nervous Breakdown album cover
Nervous Breakdown
Fix Me
I've Had It
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 5:10

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Michael Azerrad


eMusic editor-in-chief Michael Azerrad is the author of Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana (Doubleday, 1993), which remains the definitive Nirvana biography,...more »

Black Flag, Nervous Breakdown
2006 | Label: SST Records / The Orchard

These five minutes of music launched a thousand punk bands. Black Flag's 1979 debut remains preternaturally young, loud and snotty, Greg Ginn's guitar tone the very embodiment of aggression and disgust, singer Keith Morris the epitome of the wise-ass punk. It is mind-bogglingly annoying. (Even the cover by Ginn's brother Raymond Pettibon is still unsettling). The EP's genius is for exploding teen angst to apocalyptic proportions, expressed with Zen-like exactitude, like an Ernest Hemingway haiku… read more »

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It's true


"Nervous Breakdown" is phenomenal. It's everything you could possibly want in a punk song.

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Possibly the greatest punk single


No joke. This is one of those records that stood me on my head when I first heard it and my life is noticeably different as a result.

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The Quinntessential Punk


I've always said that if you ain't into Black Flag or the Dead Kennedys, you ain't no punk, bo. This is the set that turned everyone on their azz.

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Hell Ya!!!H


Sill have the re release o0f the 10". Wouldn't give it away for the world!! SST 916-A

They Say All Music Guide

Laying down the groundwork for what would become one of the most visceral bands of all time, Nervous Breakdown was the first release from Los Angeles’ Black Flag. While it is certainly more “punk” than their later work (singer Keith Morris sounds like a graduate from the Johnny Rotten school of diction, and Greg Ginn’s guitar work is less modal), all the songs have the basic elements of what made Black Flag special: rage, anger, intensity, cynicism. Most definitely the blueprint for what would be termed L.A. hardcore, Nervous Breakdown is one of the quintessential releases in the history of American punk/independent music. – Chris True