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Sinsemilla album cover
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World Is Africa
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Push Push
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There is Fire
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No Loafing (Sit and Wonder)
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Every Dreadlocks
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 36:43

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Black Uhuru, Sinsemilla
Label: Taxi Records / Zojak World Wide

Black Uhuru emerged at the head of a second wave of Jamaican vocal trios, in the wake of dread threesomes like Burning Spear and Culture. Like those earlier groups, Black Uhuru was more or less a platform for singer-songwriter Michael Rose. With drummer Sly Dunbar and the bass of Robbie Shakespeare fully merged within the Uhuru sound, the band became a proper performing unit — a band, distinct from the singers-plus-session-players model predominant… read more »

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Every dreadlocks is the same track as Endurance from the other version of the LP...the other version sounds a bit better.

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If you go the link detailed by our helpful friend below you will indeed find the same album but with two more tracks on the end and one track name changed. That other version also sounds (on the strength of the clips anyway) more bass-heavy, possibly a re-master ..?

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For a different set of tracks...


http://www.emusic.com/album/Black-Uhuru-Sinsemilla-MP3-Download/10868197.html Classic Black Uhuru period.

They Say All Music Guide

Released on the Island Records subsidiary Mango in July 1980, Sinsemilla, named after a type of marijuana, was Black Uhuru’s first album to be issued internationally, their third overall. Although the group was nominally a trio at this point — consisting of Derrick “Duckie” Simpson, Michael Rose, and Sandra “Puma” Jones — in effect, Sinsemilla was a solo album by Rose, who wrote all the songs and sang lead vocals. In addition to his writing and singing duties, Rose can be credited for bringing in the production team and rhythm section of Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, whose Taxi Gang provides the distinctive musical tracks. Rose’s lyrical vision is revolutionary and radical, extolling the primacy of Africa, opposing apartheid, and praising the virtues of marijuana. But his sweet tenor and Simpson’s harmonies soothe the message, and the music has a spare, rhythmic appeal that is distinctive and forward-looking, suggesting a hard, stripped-down direction for reggae. Sinsemilla is the sound of performers just finding their voices, and it excited hopes for the development of Jamaican music as Bob Marley’s leadership was about to falter due to illness. – William Ruhlmann

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