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Below the Heavens

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Below the Heavens album cover
My World Is...
The Narrow Path
Simply Amazin' (steel blazin')
Juice n' Dranks
In Remembrance
Blu Collar Worker
Dancing In The Rain
First Things First
Greater Love
Good Life
Soul Rising
Cold Hearted
Below The Heavens pt. I
Below The Heavens pt. II
I Am...
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Total Tracks: 15   Total Length: 65:55

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Nate Patrin


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Blu & Exile, Below the Heavens
2007 | Label: Sound In Color

“F–k battlin'/ just managing life is challengin'.” That line from “The Narrow Path” personifies the mindset and lyrical style of Los Angeles MC Blu, and it's a sentiment that makes Below the Heavens yet another solid entrant in the school of underground hip-hop, where “realness” means something more grounded than glowering self-promotion. Blu has a fiery, yet humanistic approach to laying out his verse. Even with his supple flow and his knack for constructing gripping… read more »

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Californian sunshine hip hop honed to perfection!


Below The Heavens is a CD that shows off its street cred on the first half and then lets its mellow laid back nature come through on the second half. Blu & Exile have that Californian sunshine hip hop thing honed to perfection; no matter what pain & injustice happens - the sun will shine and tomorrow is another day.... Tracks - My World and Simply Amazin' merit serious attention even to non hip-hop music lovers, as they have rightly become outright hits; while on the mellow side, Soul Rising and Cold Hearted appeal to urban R&B sensibilities and have the potential to become underground slow burn classics. Exile's rhythms and samples keeps things interesting, never clichéd, and Blu's lyrics keep it real even if they don't hit the heights of a Jay-Z or eminem. Still though, you will find a couple of gems here whatever your musical persuasion, so check it out.

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A Record that Renews Hope in Hip-Hop


I love "So(ul) Amazing/Steel Blazing" like I love happiness. It's one of the best hip-hop tracks of the past decade - underground, mainstream, whatever. This record, just about top to bottom, fulfills fans of hip-hop like few others can.

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Peep this album for sure


Blu is everything you could ever ask for in an MC. Exile's soulful grooves enhance the talent of this cross between Lupe Fiasco and (dare I say it?) Nas. Download it, you'll love it

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Nonstop listening: dope!


Blu & Exile, in the mold of many a rapper + DJ before them came together to put together an excellent album. Blu provides a real fresh, perspective: rhymes about everyday life but are still deep. Exile's a beast on the samples and drums too, some chill stuff, some knockin, boom-bap stuff. Get this, you won't regret it!

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Great Album, Good Artist


This album is reminiscent of the '90s underground scene that drew many fans into hip hop in the first place. Blu is a solid lyricist, with a straight-forward style that can be appreciated by many. He's poetic when he needs to be, but doesn't bash you over the head with. The production by Exile is fantastic! The beats are populated by equal parts sample and raw production. Exile shows both a historical awareness of music as well as a tight acumen for putting music together. The combination of Blue and Exile is synergy at its best, creating an album greater than the sum of its parts. A great album, worthy of being put forth as an example of hip hop that any longtime fan can be proud of.

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Finally a predecessor for hip hop poets.


With an excellent turntable-smith to back him, Blu's smooth style establishes him as an eventual heir to the throne that was erected by the likes of Mos Def. He is certainly the future of the hip hop poet movement as long as he reaches his potential, and there is absolutely no sign that he won't.

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Vulnerability in Rap?


I have been listening to this album with increasing fervor since I downloaded it a few months ago and felt the need to write my first review on emusic for this album. Simply put, Blu manages to be more than intelligent, poetic, spiritual, and critical of glorified violence. He also gives of his insecurities, his fears, and the combination of self-reflection, humor, and determination that have helped him overcome them. Bravo Blu. Furthermore, Exile's beats and samples provide the same oscillations of charm and head-bobbin' goodness to wrap it all together.

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Grab his Mixtapes too!


If you haven't already, just do a google search for "blu mixtape" to get his other stuff. "drop the e" especially is amazing.

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Finally some good hip hop


Buy this album... he writes lyrics that mean things...and he doesn't need a robot voice ;p

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Hip Hop isn't Dead!


This album is exactly as hot as the reviews below suggest that it is. Blu is an incredible MC and he works well with Exile (though, search Johnson & Johnson [excellent] and C.R.A.C. [weirdbutgood]). This album will reassure those who fear that hip hop is headed in a bad direction. Check the video for Blu Collar Worker and you will be back to get the album.