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Five Takes on the Nocturne With and Without Memory
The Country Boy Country Dog Intro (Excerpt)
The Intermediary Following Traces of the Song
The Intermediary with a Rendition of Stardust (Excerpt)
Sunrise or Sunset in Texas
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Total Tracks: 5   Total Length: 58:16

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Blue Gene Tyranny


Blue Gene Tyranny reminds me on the one hand of Charles Mingus on piano – a delight in itself – and on another of Cecil Taylor. And the third hand is reserved for David Tudor. Tyranny seems to me like a bridge – from the avant garde of the blues (jazz) to "new music" – an artform so enamored of newness that it changed that name also. I like Blue Gene Tyranny. As I listen to him I'm not reminded by my jazz roots that I've stopped growing artistically. Instead I feel that sense of discovery which makes good art exciting and reassuring at the same time.

They Say All Music Guide

These live keyboard performances from1983-1989 include “Five Takes on the Nocturne With and Without Memory” (1989) for solo piano, “The Country Boy Country Dog Intro” (1984) for piano and tape, “The Intermediary Following Traces of the Song” (1988) for acoustic piano and live sampling keyboard, “The Intermediary With a Rendition of Stardust” (1983) for solo piano and electronics, and “Sunrise or Sunset in Texas” (1983) from a film soundtrack. Kyle Gann of The Village Voice describes “Blue” Gene Tyranny as possessing “Cecil Taylor’s keyboard energy, Morton Feldman’s ear,” and states, “The most original aspect of (his) works is the way they create continuity: they’re tonal, yet rigorously asymmetrical. They satisfy the ear without letting it take anything for granted. They evolve…with the labyrinthine irreversibility of deep psychic forces.” – All Music Guide

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