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Blood Bank

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Blood Bank album cover
Blood Bank
Beach Baby
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 16:53

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Blood Bank


Perfect. Lyrically immaculate with a haunting tonality that makes everything feel important for 5 precious minutes. Blood Bank is every first snow and kiss and holding a thousand hands and all of it breaking apart at once. I'll never stop letting this song hurt me. In the best way.

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Another great release


Although not quite as incredible as For Emma, still an awesome release

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love this guy


he doesn't disappoint.

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I think the song "Blood Bank" could be his most accessible song. Not that I don't like his others, but this might be best. On "Babys" he sounds like he was listening to some Steve Reich?

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Love it!


Download them all. You won't regret it. Justin Vernon's collaboration of Bon Iver has produced some of the best music out there. All four tracks are solid with the last track "Woods" sounding like nothing you have heard before.

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three outta four


the first three tracks are brilliant. i get the effect he's going for with the gratuitous use of auto-tune, but i still don't like it.

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Another great work


Can't get the darned Woods out of my head....

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Best download from emusic?


possibly - but there is still time to eclipse this work... It does not suit every mood, but it would be wrong to categorise it as doleful/soulful - the compositions span a range of emotions, and express them beautifully. A real gem.

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Best Bon Iver Song?


I'm going to stick my neck out and say Blood Bank is thee best Bon Iver song to date. Yes, I know it doesn't contain his trade falsetto vocal, bar a slight hint. I just love the way the song gradually builds without going into a huge climax.

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auto-tune? seriously


First 3 tracks are solid. Last track, I just can't get with the auto-tune.

eMusic Features


Bon Iver

By Amanda Petrusich, Contributor

2008 was an epic year for Bon Iver, the alias of Eau Claire, Wisconsin's Justin Vernon. For Emma, Forever Ago, Bon Iver's self-released debut, was picked up by Jagjaguwar and promptly seized upon by swooning fans, eventually rocketing to the tip-top of eMusic's year-end user poll. For Emma's oft-repeated legend (Vernon camped out in a remote Wisconsin shack for three long, secluded months) helped the record gain footing, but ultimately it was Vernon's songs —… more »

They Say All Music Guide

Bon Iver’s debut album made a huge splash in 2008, receiving both critical acclaim and near-mainstream popularity as the record fanned out over indie rockers, alt-folk fans, and lovers of quietly emotional and frequently inspiring songs sung by a dude with the voice of an angel. All the adulation was well deserved, because For Emma, Forever Ago is the kind of record that manages to capture a musician’s soul and transmit it in a way that truly connects with a large array of listeners. It’s an impressive achievement and one that holds up over many listens. Released in 2009, the Blood Bank EP is both a pause for breath for Justin Vernon and a reminder why so many people fell so deeply in love with the record and the sound he created. Recorded over a couple years and in various locations, the EP sounds like outtakes from Emma, but not in a bad way. “Blood Bank,” with its subtly propulsive drums and idiosyncratic lyrics, would have been one of the album’s best moments. The same goes for the more experimental but still beautiful “Babys,” which features both some gently jarring piano and Vernon’s soothing, multi-tracked falsetto. The only stretch Vernon makes here is on the closing “Woods” — in a somewhat bold move, he embraces Auto-Tune and warps his vocals into almost unrecognizable shapes. Starting off as a lone voice, he begins to harmonize with himself and then adds layers of warbling vocals until the song builds to a frenzied, backwoods R&B symphony of weirdness. It’s a move that could send lots of people into fits of disbelief but strangely enough, it works — especially over headphones, where the vocals can envelope you completely. It’s probably a direction Vernon won’t follow, but it’s an interesting experiment that keeps the record from sounding like outtakes (worthy outtakes, but outtakes all the same) from For Emma, Forever Ago. – Tim Sendra

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