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Blur album cover
Round Dance
Distant Lands of the Heart
The Ropes
Bossa Baja
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 17:42

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Good Album, Stunning Failure in Inventory...?


I downloaded Distant Lands of the Heart without even finishing the demo--not only did it sound great, but it also seemed to be right up Bonobo's Alley. Yet based on the sound, it seemed to be from older Bonobo albums so the release date was strange. But then I came to find out that this is not Bonobo. I'd understand if this was a band of the same name, but the other band is called Lotus. I'd understand if they had the wrong cover for this album, (e.g. the cover for "Animal Magic") but even the album cover's been changed to match the f*ck up. Either someone's been sleepwalking or they figured this was a better way to sell Lotus' music. Others suspect that this is neither Bonobo nor Lotus, and that someone's trying to cash in or be subversive...Either way, I guess it's worked. Check it out; file under Lotobus

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Different Bands


This mix-up of artists should be fixed. You should be able to click and artists name and get a sub menu with them sorted if there is more than one. I too have downloaded music by accident from the wrong artist before I knew his. The one I did was really bad too. Like death metal instead of downtempo Now I have to listen to each one first. Lame.

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poor quality control


This a decent album, but it is not by Bonobo. It's by a band called Lotus. The cover art is the same as what is shown except for the "Bonobo." I only found this out after I purchased. I reported to eMusic staff weeks ago and nothing has been done yet. And I was so happy with emusic before...