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Melting Pot

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Melting Pot album cover
Melting Pot
Back Home
Chicken Pox
Kinda Easy Like
Hi Ride
L.A. Jazz Song
Sunny Monday
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 40:38

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Wondering Sound

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Hua Hsu


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Booker T. And The M.G.'s, Melting Pot
2000 | Label: Fantasy / Stax

Featuring the classic title cut as well as bold fusions of jazz and funk, this final album from the great Stax instrumental combo shows them going out in style.

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hammond lover


i was told about this album a long time ago, now i own it i can see what i was missing, one of the best albums they made, essential to any hammond lover

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Slide into a groove


The title cut sets up the entire album of funky grooves (or was that groovy funk?). This album is well worth your time - these are more than just jams - they are fully realized songs.

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Funk until you drop!!


Booker T. and the M.G.'s were very good at setting up the mood for the singers they worked with. On their own, they could jam with the best of them. Solid, fun album.

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Something Funky


The Melting Pot single is my favorite: it ticks along like a holy roller coaster. I defy you to keep your feet still while listening to it.

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They Say All Music Guide

Melting Pot could be the most well-realized of all the albums by Booker T. & the M.G.’s, a smooth and soulful, yet expansive 35 minutes of all originals, the latter in sharp contrast to their exploration of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album material on their preceding album. And the irony was that it was their swan song. Booker T. Jones, in particular, was increasingly unhappy working at Stax/Volt Records, owing his feelings to management and structural changes at the company, and also felt the need to change the group’s formula somewhat. Steve Cropper was playing lots of session work that was keeping him from recording in Memphis as well, and the result was an album recorded mostly in New York City, far away from Stax/Volt and largely built on the group’s (especially Jones’) best impulses. That said, Melting Pot managed to be a sort of back-to-the-roots effort in the sense that they were back to doing originals, but was also a strikingly more expansive record, with Jones in particular playing with an almost demonic intensity and range, backed ably by Donald “Duck” Dunn’s rocksteady bass in particular. There were a few other touches, such as the wordless chorus on “Kinda Easy Like” and extended running times, showing the group stretching out on much larger musical canvases. – Bruce Eder

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