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I Want Candy

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I Want Candy album cover
I Want Candy
I Want Candy (Razed In Black Remix)
I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
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Total Tracks: 3   Total Length: 10:52

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What gives?


I see a lot of this on eMusic...songs that aren't the originals, re-recorded by the original band. Makes me wonder - is this a way for Bowwowow to collect royalties without having to pay anything to Rhino Records, which let's face it, signed them when they were very young and naive, and probably pays the original band fractions of pennies in royalties on internet downloads. If so, I'm happy to support the BAND vs. the Record Label...but I still don't understand why they felt it was necessary to use that damn life-sucking electronic pitch-control. Unless Annabella's voice is gone. She'd be in her late 40's by now...

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I Like the Music!!


I don't know about all the other info that precedes my review but I just like the music. It has a great beat, gets me dancing, and I can turn my mp3 up and zone out. Annabella's voice is great and the bass and drums set it off! Sure makes me want candy!!

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Not the original


Certainly not the original and it sounds like an older and more mature Annabella. Do you think that dbrewster is right and this is a cover? Would Emusic do that? Hope not.

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Must be 1990's


Hence the cover of the Smiths

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smiths cover


with regards to the smiths cover, strange how you can cover a song 4 years before it appears on the smiths album. wierd or what

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I agree with the person who bemoaned the electronic pitch-control revision. Annabelle had one of the purest and growliest voices a girl of 15--or was it 13?!--had, possibly ever will have. Its sacrelige to digitally do ANYTHING with ANY record IMHO, and hey--where's "See Jungle See Jungle..." in this 'discography'? I got that lp from the promoter at the radio station I wked at in 1980 and can't find it anywhere...well, anywhere legal! We need more than just "I want candy"! End of diatribe!!! :P -Glenna/Seattle

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AMG review is not for this single


that AMG review doesn't even relate to this re-recorded single... it's for their album that had the original "I Want Candy"

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Not Bowwowwow. Certainly not Anabella on vocals in that recording. Horrible. Get the original from allofmp3!

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These seem like new recordings?


This certainly isn't the original recording that made Bow Wow Wow "famous". Sort of sounds like a re-recording of the song by the modern incarnation of the band, although I could be wrong. Anabella's vocals seem digitally pitch-corrected, and her delivery is more modern and, to my ears, not as good as in the original version. The Smiths cover is somewhat interesting though, or at least the 10 second preview of it is...

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For many in America, “I Want Candy” was their first introduction to young Annabella Lwin and the band Bow Wow Wow. The song, a cover of a Strangeloves hit, barely scraped the Top 50, but became an enduring new wave classic. The song gave its name to the band’s 1982 release, which was mainly a compilation, but included a couple new cuts produced by Kenny Laguna (Joan Jett & the Blackhearts). The Laguna-produced tracks find Lwin sounding more self-assured and slightly less frantic in her vocal delivery. “Louis Quatorze,” with its theme of falling for the bad boy, has an instantly catchy chorus that is matched by the stuck-in-your-brain “Baby, Oh No.” Of course, no Bow Wow Wow album would be complete without the obligatory come-hither insinuations from Lwin, which appear on “Cowboy.” With solid new songs, some of the better old ones, and the hit that made them one-hit wonders, I Want Candy is an enjoyable romp that doesn’t overstay its welcome. – Tom Demalon

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