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I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

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I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning album cover
At the Bottom of Everything
We Are Nowhere and It's Now
Old Soul Song [For the New World Order]
Train Under Water
First Day of My Life
Another Travelin' Song
Land Locked Blues
Poison Oak
Road to Joy
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 45:35

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Conor's NYC album


I get that Conor's vunerable, wavering voice isn't for everyone, but niether is Bob Dylan's. I don't see how people don't love this album. Everything from the way the record starts to the complete distruction of "Road to Joy". This record just puts you in the state of mind of a talented, twenty-something artist finding his way through the New York City scene. Every song has perfect lyrics to paint a certain imagery: his favorite "neon sign" in "We are nowhere and it's Now", watching the rubble of 9/11 in "Old Soul Song" to rolling road song "Another Travelin' Song" to name a few. Spectacular writing from a spectacular talent.

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This guys voice is so effeminate and pathetic. Why does anybody listen to him whine and moan? Bright Eyes needs to join the military.

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made me cry in the best possible way.


this album is so beautiful and sincere and gut wrenching. i can sit in a room by myself, eyes closed, headphones on, and just drown myself in this album. i would download the whole album without thinking twice. however, if you are thinking of trying a song or two, Lua and Poison Oak are both epic. there aren't many albums that can elicit the kind of emotion that this one can... i have literally broken into tears listening to Poison Oak and i love it. i think conor can do no wrong, and i love all of his albums, solo and bright eyes alike, but this one rises to the top for me and hasn't been dethroned yet. not sure if it's even possible for him to make a record that's better (but i hope he tries!)

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Great Singer/Songwriter album


I was shocked by how good this album was. Maybe I'm prone to over exaggeration, but when I listen to this album, I hear the songwriting abilities of early Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Oberst's passion and angst remind me particularly of Dylan. I'm not saying Oberst will have the career-long output of Young and Dylan, but this album, in particular, is that good.

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Achingly wonderful


I was hooked from the very first jangly wobble of Conor Oberst's vocal chords. There aren't very many songwriters who can make me despondent and joyous at the exact same moment. Somehow this album manages to wrench every possible emotion out of my body, and when it's over, I just want more.

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Why isn't this an Emusic Pick?


Top to bottom this is an excellent album, and it's the one that made me a Bright Eyes fan. "Poison Oak" is one of my absolute favorite songs, but there are plenty to jump for joy over. Download immediately.

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if you download one track...


make it lua. its completely incredible

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Outstanding record from a great artist


I'm glad to finally see Bright Eyes on Emusic, although I've already bought the entire catalog so it doesn't much help me. I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning in my opinion is his best full length record. If you're not sure if you're into Bright Eyes download this first and see if you like it. Conor is a brilliant songwriter, the best of our generation in my opinion.

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Good To See Here!


I'm very happy to finally see Bright Eyes here on emusic, very good stuff!

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