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Introducing album cover
I Searched
Absolutely Anything
English Cities
Yell In The Air
You Say You Want
Over There
Short Sleeves At Night
Should I Tell You
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 22:46

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Douglas Wolk


Douglas Wolk writes about pop music and comic books for Time, the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Wired and elsewhere. He's the author of Reading Comics: How Gra...more »

Brilliant Colors, Introducing
2009 | Label: Slumberland Records / The Orchard

Brilliant Colors' sound of choice seems to appear on a 23-year cycle. In the early '60s, that sound belonged to the young garage-girl groups, whose cavernous production and straining voices never quite hit the charts; in the mid-'80s, it mutated into the speedy, sloppy, melancholy U.K. indiepop proffered by bands like the Shop Assistants and the Rosehips, whose frontwomen cared more about charm than power or accuracy. And now, a new set of terse four-amp-busting-chord… read more »

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Why listen to this when there are so many better bands that did this in the sixties and didn't sound like whiny rip-offs? Talentless suckfest. Snooze.

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They Say All Music Guide

Clocking in at just under 23 minutes, Introducing, Brilliant Colors’ 2009 debut, flits by like a will-o’-the-wisp. It’s just enough time to get a decent impression of what the band has to offer: refreshingly raw yet smart indie pop, reminiscent of old-school New Zealand indie pop acts (the Chills, the Bats) and the puckish side of C-86 (Talulah Gosh). At their strongest, Brilliant Colors are gutsy and tender, nocturnal and innocent — a spine-tingling blend of pop-oriented fizz and punk-influenced grit. At their weakest, they are oddly forgettable; there really isn’t one memorable track on Introducing, and it’s puzzling. “I Searched,” for example, seems to have all the makings of a single-worthy track — it’s just the right blend of needling guitars, warm reverb, and lead singer Jess Scott’s primal croon. But the second this song seems to really get cooking, it comes to a halt — and it does so well under the two-minute mark, too, making it more of a jingle or a theme song than anything else. In this way, Introducing does just what its name implies — it’s a tantalizingly brief, not quite fully realized sample of what Brilliant Colors have to offer. And for this reason alone it can hardly be called required listening for fans of this genre, especially when there are a number of likeminded bands out there doing a better job (Liechtenstein, Je Suis Animal, and Betty and the Werewolves are all good examples). That said, Introducing is strong enough to qualify Brilliant Colors as one of those bands to keep an eye on. – Margaret Reges

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