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The Normal Years

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The Normal Years album cover
So And So So And So From Wherever Wherever
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Some Things Last A Long Time
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Sick And Wrong
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Still Flat
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Terrible / Perfect
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 39:06

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only for fans


Nice group of songs that showcase some of the bands early efforts and sense of humor. I prefer this over Ultimate Alternative Wavers, since the band seems to follow the song structures better. "Car" and "Joyride" are my favorites off this one.

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Wish Emusic would get real albums


I am a huge Built to Spill fan and not a huge fan of compilations. Although this album has some of the greatest songs, if any real albums turn up, I suggest going after those instead.

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Where's the rest?


Where's "Carry the Zero" and "The Plan"?? first two songs I ever heard by Built to Spill, and they're not on here. I could continue on with using torrents for all my music, but I tried eMusic to be ethical!! Come on!!

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Where are the Treepeople?


I disagree somewhat with the last comment. Ultimate Alternative Wavers is an amazing album, especially from start to finish. It's dreamy and a must have. The live album does not do their live shows justice. I wish emusic had some Treepeople. All of Dugs albums with them are classic.

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Featured Artist?? How??


How can Built to Spill be an emusic "Featured Artist" when you only have two of their most obscure and worst (in my opinion) albums available? This is a joke and why I'm quitting my subscription… bands like this that are ICONIC LEGENDS in the indy world don't even have a decent album selection, let alone others that are fairly well known and should absolutely have something available on this "alternate to iTunes". Sorry, but emusic, but you're just not keeping up…

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built to last


what a rare chance! getting to see the roots of one of the best bands ever, and surprise...it's marvelous. the lyrics are deep, the grooves are intense and the result in sincere, intoxiating rock that steals your love away. i don't think these guys could go too wrong. trust this band to produce gem after after. why not? they have for over 14 years now. and if you have a chance to see them live, don't pass it up!

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Sick and Wrong


This is just a great record - raw, smart, edgy, slightly off center but fabulously in your face... This band rocks, and everyone should own "Perfect From Now On" or I'd say your music library is incomplete, but I love all that came before and most of what has happened since they signed with the majors. The guy went from being a school janitor to an indie rock hero, and "Car" is just one of the greatest love songs in the world. Try the first track - it should draw you in.

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For not being a proper album, this release is way awesome. A couple of tracks on this album are outtakes from the band's marvelous "There's nothing wrong with love" and they all sound fantasitc. The other tracks are all delicious as well, especially "Still Flat" which is one of Built to Spill's best song. You have to love the guitar heroics on this album and the goofy deilvery of Doug Martsch. Overall a very fun album, and sits well next to all of Built to Spill's records.

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このバンドに出会ってすべたが変わった。別に自分で楽曲を作って発表したりしてるわけではないから、影響をうけたとか言える立場ではない。ただ単に好きな音楽のベクトルが変わった。どのバンドのパフォーマンスを見ても、このBuilt to Spillから受けた衝撃を超える事は無いと思う。それはコレからも無いはずである。ダグがギターを抱えて、神経質そうにステージに佇んでるだけでいい。欲を言えばちょこっと歌ってくれたら。。そしてその場所にいれるなら、オレはきっと歓喜する。 しかしながらアルバムレビューじゃないな、コレ。。

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The Normal Years strings together Built to Spill’s loose ends: outtakes from each of the band’s first two albums, three independently released singles, and two tracks recorded for compilations. Given bandleader Doug Martsch’s penchant for exquisite production and extensive arranging on his later albums, this mix-and-match release is certainly the least desirable full-length the band released. The sound is sparse, and Martsch is still learning the intricacies of his craft. But the innocence in songs like “Girl” and “Joyride” is an aural treat, and The Normal Years works as a good illustration of Built to Spill’s humble beginnings. – Troy Carpenter

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