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Ultimate Alternative Wavers

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Ultimate Alternative Wavers album cover
The First Song
Three Years Ago Today
Shameful Dread
Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup
Get A Life
Built To Spill
Lie For A Lie
Built Too Long Parts 1, 2 & 3
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 58:26

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Blah - Disappointing


Although you can hear traces of the sort of guitar creativity that would produce greatness on their later albums, I can only recommend this to the Built to Spill completists out there. Even great songs like "Built to Spill" and "Revolution" sound drab from the poor production. Yuck...

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Insanely Creative


I had thought I was familiar the band, but I must have been thinking of someone else. Very super surprised at the complexity, working within the genre or genres. Kinda like classic rock gone wild. I'm glad I started at the beginning here and work my way towards now.

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the only


if you were to only have one built to spill album this would be it. 'wavers is an album that i return to much more often than i do nevermind or slanted and enchanted...the real sound of early nineties indie.

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Has charm


If you're a Built to Spill fan you should download this. It's better than just a hey-look-at-their-humble-beginnings kind of record. There are some true gems on here, like Nowhere Nothing Fuckup and Three Years Ago Today.

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From Trees To Spill


This has a grungy sludge to it that made Doug's old band, Treepeople,cool to listen but you can tell Doug is starting to call the shots with humor and songwriting. There's hints of There's Wrong with Love but more jammy. Not the most necessary BTS album but still great nonetheless. 3 years and Nowhere Nothing are awesome.

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Last of a dying breed.


Not to be one of those indie purists, but the shoddy recording and thick guitars are one of the best things from this record that seems absent in modern BTS albums. My recommendations are Shameful Dread, Lie For A Lie, and Nowhere Nothin' Fuck-up (also a Philip K Dick nod). It's not just BTS that changed their techniques. I think the secrets of great indie records have been lost forever.

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Every track will charm you.


This album is subtle, yet very entertaining ear candy. Listen from start to finish and TURN THE VOLUME WAY UP!

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early days


Not essential Built to Spill stuff, unless you're a completist.

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Just a great record. Raw, early experimenting with recording technique, but not predictable in any way - distorted guitars, opaque lyrics, lots of sonic fullness - I love this album. The band's namesake is a good download.

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they got better ...


... but there are a few decent songs on here. "Hazy," full of haunting slide guitar, is as good as anything they've written. Number 5 is a slightly dopey take on a great Velvet Underground song.

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What a mess — from all the sloppy guitar ramblings to the constant rhythm changes assuming that the rest of the band was barely aware of Doug Martsch’s tempo swings, Ultimate Alternative Wavers is all over the place. But somehow, Built to Spill bounce off each other by using this technique of improvising what direction the sound is going to next. And with this being their first record, it’s almost as if they’re taking a cue from the likes of early Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. when it comes to their more experimental influences. But what keeps it together are Marsch’s soulful but bleak vocals, which make lyrics like “nowhere, nothing, f*ck-up” seem like a pleasant singalong. – Mike DaRonco

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