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Kindred album cover
Ashtray Wasp
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Total Tracks: 3   Total Length: 30:38

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Wondering Sound

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Burial, Kindred
2012 | Label: Hyperdub / The Orchard

Even after he outed himself as Will Bevan, Burial’s taken so long to follow up 2007′s Untrue that he might as well be made of vapor. But Kindred – only his second EP in five years – announces itself as weighty. It’s only three tracks, but together they’re more than 30 minutes long. In another era, that’s the sort of thing he might have called an album.

“Loner” is the grabber – a swarming four-to-the-floor dance… read more »

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Sounds a bit like Slam. I love Slam.

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Every so often a musician and artist comes along who stands head and shoulders above the rest, and Will Bevan is just such an artist. His music is totally original. His music is what music ought to be: communicative and moving. And I can't think of higher praise than that!

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Not an album, an EP and priced as such. Dunno where Skiptracer gets his/her 'album' cost from. Love it :-)

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Burial EP


A friend of mine gave me a copy of one of his songs a few years ago. Ever since then I have been hooked. I enjoy his approached to dub step and the sounds he uses and his use of vocal samples. I always have fondness for the more melodic electronica out there. He has nice layered textures but doesn't overload the track, which is cool. I am glad he is still putting out music even if it is an EP. I will be downloading this and adding to my collection. Being a musician I am always looking for inspiration and Burial always delivers.

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Incredible Release!! but...


... it is far cheaper to buy it from hyperdub.net (and you can get it as a flac). (not sure why it's priced as an album here, when even the label are calling it an ep)

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As good as both of his LPs. This is more than just another dubstep release, this is a PHENOMENAL piece of work, all three tracks are great. Make sure you buy this instantly!

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