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Catacombs album cover
Dreams Come True Girl
Prima Donna
You Saved My Life
Don't Vote
The Executioner's Song
My Sister, My Spouse
Lionkiller Got Married
Eavesdropping On The Competition
Jonesy Boy
One Way To Go
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 53:55

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Best of 2009


One of my favorite records from this year, and kind of a new direction for Cass McCombs. Solid straight through, but "You Saved My Life" is far and away my favorite.

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Not my usual cup of tea but gone nonetheless


I checked his latest album out on the basis of a recommendation from a friend. Not bad at all. Yes, he's kinda bleak and all but he does have a nice sound. And with songs like "My Sister, My Spouse" he does show a bit of a sense of humor - at least I hope he's kidding.

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A keeper in a catch and release genre


The singer/songwriter vein seems to have greatly benefited from the technological explosion. Easy to produce and market, and you don't need a van, just a Cavalier. Still, Cass McCombs newest record Catacombs is a keeper in this bloated genre. The songs have lyrical layers that match up with the seemingly stripped down music to produce a solid 2009 release.

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sounds so lame-o


strum-und-drang? more like a kind of whinging sunglasses indoors 20 something navel gazing self pity.

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Pay more for groups I don't want anyway


Yea, Hoofprints, I hear ya. I have no interest in any of the new mainstream crap they have aquired. I don't even listen to mainstream stuff from mainstream labels. I have to suffer because other people do...

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eMusic is really pissing me off


They raised the rates and cut the number of downloads!! Why? So the CEO could get a new penile implant? So he could vacation in Provincetown again? What a total blow job!!!!!

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Cass' mystery


Cass McCombs is and has been my favorite artist to come out in the last 10 years. Why? The answer is simple. I am a musician and a songwriter. He is a musician and a songwriter. His melodies are beautiful and his voice is haunting, but he also takes chances. Another reason this rocks is because at first listen he doesn't stick, but it's the third and fourth listen that get real interesting. He also never gets skipped when he pops on my itunes. A lot his music, like most peoples music these days, has elements of the Beatles. But it is far more trippy. enjoy this album. If you don't have "Prefection" it is his best and "A" and "Dropping the Writ" are a close second. Check it please for at least a song or two

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cut in half


why were my downloads cut in half after years of loyalty? for sony? for this ?

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this album is good. this guy has a sweet tape of the making of "we are the world"

They Say All Music Guide

On the album he released previous to 2009′s Catacombs, Baltimore singer/songwriter Cass McCombs began moving away from the reverb-heavy, lo-fi sound and busy arrangements of his first two records in favor of a more direct sound with cleaner production. Here, McCombs strips away the remaining traces of his early bedroom-crafted indie pop sound and aims for something simpler that takes the focus away from the sound of the record and places it firmly on the wordy, emotionally charged songs and McCombs’ vocals. The vocals are always up to the task; McCombs has ditched the jittery yelping he sometimes used on Dropping the Writ and instead settles into a warm and intimate style that instantly draws the listener in closer. The songs are mostly strong, too; almost uniformly quiet and introspective, they create a mood that lingers throughout the album like a melancholy haze. Tracks like the yearning “Dreams Come True Girl” or the tender, epic “Harmonia” cast a quietly desperate spell; in much the same way American Music Club did, only with less sarcastic wit and more resigned sadness. Only the lightly skipping “Prima Donna” breaks the feeling and adds some much-needed sunshine. The problem with creating an album this uniformly midtempo and hushed is that by the end, the listener may be screaming for a song to show some spunk or to kick the tempo up past the “lope” setting. It doesn’t happen here, and it’s not really a big problem because the songs and mood are so cleverly established and sustained. The bigger issue is that a couple songs are overly wordy or hook-free (“Don’t,” “Lionkiller Got Married,” and “My Sister, My Spouse”), and this is where the album could use some instrumental coloring or production tricks to add some much needed distraction. For the most part, though, the album is an enjoyable addition to McCombs’ catalog and shows him growing as an artist. While some fans of his early work may be left behind, most people who enjoy witty songs with tender emotion behind them will be satisfied with Catacombs and happy with the direction he’s headed. – Tim Sendra

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