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Gayle, Charles / Parker, William / Ali, Rashied: Touchin' on Trane

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Gayle, Charles / Parker, William / Ali, Rashied: Touchin' on Trane album cover
Touchin' on Trane: Part A
Touchin' on Trane: Part B
Touchin' on Trane: Part C
Touchin' on Trane: Part D
Touchin' on Trane: Part E
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Total Tracks: 5   Total Length: 66:37

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WoW! This is a Magnificent Recording


I find it hard to imagine someone dismissing this record as anything, but one of the great recordings in Jazz history. In my book, artists take great risks in trying to compare themselves to Coltrane especially on a saxophone. The artists better bring it to the table when the name Coltrane is invoked into the conversation. Charles Gayle pulls it off in spades. This is some of the best saxophone tracks ever laid down. Wise choice in pulling in two giants into this recording, Ali and Parker, but Gayle in the end is the star here. He's given a great cushion to explode, explore and extend himself. 5 stars easy from me.

They Say All Music Guide

This is Charles Gayle’s most accessible work. Gayle’s mastery of free jazz is blended with a more traditional compositional style of jazz on this disc. Touchin’ on Trane is composed of five original songs, and even includes ex-Coltrane drummer Rashied Ali. As the title insists, Coltrane is the influence for the music on this disc. The influence ranges from the upbeat tempo of “Giant Steps” in “Part A,” while “Part D” is reminiscent of Coltrane’s “Live in Japan” performances. Gayle, bassist William Parker, and Ali don’t copy Coltrane, but rather expand on his accomplishments. Without covering any songs, Touchin’ on Trane is the greatest John Coltrane tribute album. – Brian Flota

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