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Bird and Chet at the Trade Winds

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Bird and Chet at the Trade Winds album cover
Donna Lee (Indiana)
Irresistible You
The Squirrel
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 42:08

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Chet Baker (tp) Sonny Criss, Charlie Parker (as) Al Haig (p) Russ Freeman (p -1) Harry Babasin (b) Lawrence Marable (d)

They Say All Music Guide

Charlie Parker made a trip to the west coast of the United States in 1952 and though he was inconsistent at time during his final years due to health problems caused by his addiction to drugs and alcohol, he is definitely on during this jam session, recorded at the Trade Winds in a Los Angeles suburb. Traveling alone and working with local players, the alto saxophonist was auditioning for a trumpet player and hired the young, still little-known Chet Baker for the gig. The rest of the band included pianist Russ Freeman (who would later work extensively with Baker after the end of the Mulligan-Baker Quartet), bassist Harry Babison (who arranged the on-site recording), drummer Larance Marable, and alto saxophonist Sonny Criss. Criss manages to acquit himself quite well in the presence of the giant of his instrument, while Baker proves to be very impressive at this stage in his career. Unlike many of the informal live recordings made of Charlie Parker, the audio is quite surprising for a portable tape recorder, while opportunities for extended solos please both the musicians and the audience. Parker is in fine form throughout the evening, so this should be considered an essential CD for his fans. – Ken Dryden

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