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Evergreen Songs Original 6

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Evergreen Songs Original 6 album cover
Edumare Soro Mi Dayo
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Ara Nba Da Owo Oje
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Total Tracks: 3   Total Length: 59:39

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worth every minute and every penny


Don't be frightened off by the length of the tracks - this is music that drops into a groove and stays interesting. That makes it an incredible deal for any fan of African music. Tracks this long from an American or British band would likely be pretentious and self-indulgent- but from a Nigerian band, it's just a groove not ready to be dropped quickly. Just follow the percussion...

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You Must Obey: Nigeria’s Other Juju Superstar

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Anyone mildly acquainted with modern African popular music has heard of King Sunny Ade, the international star of Nigerian juju. While Ade, born in 1946, has long been juju's primary technological innovator and global ambassador, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey has enjoyed more local success as Nigeria's other juju superstar. If Ade has long embodied the music's heady raptures, the somewhat older, devoutly Christian Obey shepherds its soul. Like Ade, Obey deploys large arrays of guitars… more »