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ADAMS, J: Violin Concerto / CORIGLIANO: Chaconne from The Red Violin

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ADAMS, J: Violin Concerto / CORIGLIANO: Chaconne from The Red Violin album cover
The Red Violin: Chaconne
2 Romanian Rhapsody, Op. 11: No. 1 in A major (arr. F. Waxman)
Tristan and Isolde Fantasia
Violin Concerto: I. quarter note = 78
Violin Concerto: II. Chaconne: Body Through Which the Dream Flows
Violin Concerto: III. Toccare
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 63:49

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Buy it, buy it, buy it .. !


There has never been any doubt that Chloe Hanslip, who has been recognised as a young genius of consumate technical ability, would continue to mature and grow to greater heights. She does not disappoint - she is now become a maestro performer with unsurpassing ability to express her art. This beautiful and sensitive interpretation of John Adams Violin Concerto is an outstanding performance, and the best I have heard.

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Corigliano and Adams are living greats


To be able to write new, inventive & stimulating music that pays homage to the past is a rare gift. John Corigliano and John Adams are so gifted. The Chaconne from The Red Violin is a brilliant piece of a fantastic film score. The film itself is a flawed romantic fantasy but well worth viewing for any classical music lover. Corigliano's Oscar-winning score is a grand tour through the ages with many moments of transcendent beauty. The Violin Concerto by John Adams is a wonder. The violin moves searchingly in an epic quest over various orchestral landscapes, including "Body Through Which the Dream Flows" (a fantastic image) ending with a joyous romp in the Toccare.

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Forget the Red Violin, the Adams is superlative


Adam's Violin Concerto has never been my favourite piece of his music, though this may now change. I've had the original record by Gidon Kremer (for whom it was written) since it came out, but Chloƫ Hanslip's playing on this version is warmer, more empathetic, supple, elegant and - when necessary - she can outplay Kremer on the fireworks int he third movement. Forget "The Red Violin" (which never quite rises about music for film), download the Adams

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an odd but enjoyable mix


This album bills itself as a vague overview of 20th-century American music for violin and orchestra. The Corigliano piece struck me at first as rather meandering but it's a grower (I've not seen The Red Violin - judging by the music it sounds like it might have a Hitchcockian finale!). Waxman's Fantasia (also for a film, in this case with John Garfield(!) as a concert violinist) pulls off the difficult feat of making Wagner sound something like Gershwin. It's kitsch but you can't kill a good tune. At this point you might be thinking America's contribution to concertante violin works has been quite poor, but then Adams saves the day. His concerto isn't as immediately appealing as some of his other works, but it has a lovely slow movement and a fun finale. Overall, the disc doesn't come together especially well but the parts are all good.