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Dirt Floor

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Dirt Floor album cover
Scrapyard Lullaby
Indian Summer
Wild Country
Ballpeen Hammer
From One Island To Another
Dirt Floor
Loco Girl
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 27:06

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great collection of raw emotional songs


Great album with an unbelievable landscape of songs. It is a shame Chris is no longer with us, he was a rare talent with a great ear and voice.

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Bought this while visiting San Francisco a couple days before seeing his show at Bottom of the Hill. It's crazy to visit one of the world's great cities and the most distinct memory be sitting on the floor of a dingy hotel listing to music on headphones. Never forget and will always love it. The record has only gotten better too. Nobody could duplicate Chris's performances here. Dirt Floor is the best song here but almost all are out of this world in their own way. These are songs that don't necessarily conform to your expectations -- you really have to open yourself up and be led by the songs.

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Never Get Tired Of This


I have tossed many CDS from the late 90s but this one is a keeper. An essential part of an eclectic music library. His soulful angst oozes from every word out of his mouth. Tortured and mesmerizing. Get LIVING WITH THE LAW now THAT is something. Big Sky Country and Poison Girl being 2 of my personal faves.

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Chris Whitley ,we'll miss him


For you fans of Chris,he passed away nov. 20 of lung cancer in houston, his home.He was 45.A great talent was stilled.

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thanks emusic


I'd not heard this guy before I came across him on Emusic - another one to thank them for. Melancholy, broken or joyfully decadent - I'm still absorbing it all.

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One of his best


Dirt Floor would be a return to form for Chris Whitley. What becomes most apparent is a newfound tenderness to his work that was only hinted at before. Songs like the wistful "Accordingly" and the pretty "Loco Girl" are among the most heartfelt songs you’ll ever hear while “Wild Country", "Scrapyard Lullaby", and the title track show a sense of reflection that would become an integral part of future releases such as Perfect Day and Soft Dangerous Shores. "Indian Summer" shows Chris' continued love of the blues albeit in a more intimate setting. However, the sorrow and decadence that dominated his previous albums are not completely abandoned as exhibited in his performances on "Altitude" and “Ballpeen Hammer.” Finally, the sparseness of "From One Island to Another" is his most haunting piece and features one of his most somber vocal performances. All told, Dirt Floor would prove to be one of the finest works of an artist that left us too soon.

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Oh man, if you haven't heard this before, you are in for a treat! This is a top-to-bottom perfect album--no filler, fantastically consistent. Just with his guitar (or banjo), his voice, and his boot to keep time, Chris Whitley sets a melancholy, almost reverent tone that starts with the first track and stays the whole time. Top-notch guitar playing, for sure, but what is most impressive to me is how the music creates such a lush atmosphere. This is one of my favorite albums, and one of the few that are so memorable that I actually now associate autumn (when I first heard it) with it.

They Say All Music Guide

This is the most consistent and accessible disc of Chris Whitley’s off-and-on recording career. The album is just Whitley singing and accompanying himself on banjo, guitar and foot stomp. It has a simple and wonderfully stripped-down sound that fits perfectly with the morose yet tumultuous mood of the songs, establishing a strong atmosphere that is almost as important to the work as the mood in a ’40s film noir. This is an exceedingly short work, only 27+ minutes, yet it really shouldn’t be much longer. If you were expecting Big Sky Country in sound, you will be both happy and disappointed: happy because there is the same stripped-down, nasal singing and story-songs, and disappointed because there is not as much dobro, nor a band helping him flesh out the tunes. He does an excellent job on the small amount of material here, yet it does not develop into anything due to the lack of time; at the same time, the tone is so very angst-ridden that the short length may work in its favor. There are no liner notes or comments for this disc. What is here is excellent in its own right and stands up as some of his best work; I just wonder if maybe another song or two might have made it a stronger work. – Bob Gottlieb

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