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Age of Miracles

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Age of Miracles album cover
Automatic Blues
Age of Miracles
You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)
Smallest Man in the World
Just to See You Smile
West Memphis Moon
You've Got Me Where You Want Me
Pin a Rose on Me
Heavy Duty
Monkey in the Middle
Solid Gold
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 47:37

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Interesting Mix


It's hard to categorize this set of songs. There is good bar room blues, some softer country and some solid rock. I like it.

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Ageless Chuck


Really good songs in that Northern California Rock style. Smooth with rock overtones, aged to perfection.

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A wall-to-wall taste treat


A bunch of strong songs, almost perversely diverse, that hang together really well as an album. Don't overthink the genre -- you'll want to put it in a different one (or three) depending on how you're hearing it on any given day. Because if you download it, you'll be listening to it on a lot of different days.

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Kind of refreshing and catchy. I like it.

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Solid Album


I agree with the AMG review and the review by "MontysDriver". This is a very solid album with distinct country/folk flavor that a non-country fan will like. He has a deep, smooth voice and almost lazy delivery which makes me think of summertime. The tracks I especially liked are "Pin a Rose on Me", "You did...", "Age of Miracles" and "Solid Gold" -- but I'm glad I downloaded the whole album.

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New to Chuck


I'm pretty new to Chuck Prophet, so I'm not going to compare this album to previous ones. This collection of songs have great lyrics, with a very eclectic sound. There's a little pop, folk, americana and good portion of country. I'm not a country fan, but I still like this. The songs aren't all one mood, they go up and down, and range from amusing and clever to somber. If you don't care for one or two songs, you still may love some of the others.

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They Say All Music Guide

For his seventh album, Chuck Prophet updates the all-over-the-map quality that made Green on Red’s early albums so bracing. Age of Miracles is rooted in the same country and folk influences as Prophet’s other solo albums, but Prophet and co-producer Eric Drew Feldman add a quasi-psychedelic haze and some distinct blues riffs to the mix. The title track, for example, combines a Neil Young-style country-rock tune with a prominent string section playing a woozy high-register part, a funky wah-wah guitar riff that appears to be playing at half speed for full lysergic atmosphere, and a vocal part from Prophet’s wife and musical partner, Stephanie Finch (the Emmylou Harris to his Gram Parsons), that’s so high it’s almost audible only to dogs. Similarly, the opening “Automatic Blues” has a swampy, creepy atmosphere that recalls Feldman’s former employer Captain Beefheart, and the downright odd “You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)” has a trippy electronic sheen and an unexpected rapped chorus. In this context, songs like the more traditionally minded “West Memphis Moon” are the ones that sound out of place! However, the combination of country twang and psychedelic weirdness works more often than not, and it makes a nice change from Prophet’s recent albums, which were starting to sound a bit formulaic. It’s not as big a change as Wilco made with Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but Age of Miracles has a similar restless quality. – Stewart Mason

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