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Brothers And Sisters

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Brothers And Sisters album cover
Brothers And Sisters
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Easy To Please
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Only Superstition
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Total Tracks: 3   Total Length: 10:55

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Coldplay, Brothers And Sisters
2004 | Label: Fierce Panda Records / The Orchard

The Brothers and Sisters EP, the three-track disc that landed Coldplay on a major label for their celebrated 2000 debut album Parachutes, is a remarkably confident effort for a band merely a year old. The songwriting predicts what was to come — singer Chris Martin's falsetto on "Easy to Please" anticipates the resigned melancholy of the stellar "Trouble" from Parachutes — even if the arrangements doggedly remain in the footprints of Jeff Buckley's Grace and… read more »

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I like easy to please. Otherwise, its just ok

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This is cool for a fan who likes to collect complete works (like me) but you can really tell how much work their producer put into them. this is rather boring.

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For Ultimate Fans


I found the three songs enjoyable...although not my favorites. It is interesting to see the evolution and early promise of the band, but if these songs were on a current Coldplay CD, they wouldn't be among my favorites, and would probably be skipped half of the time.

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back in the day.


This album encapsulates what originally drew me to Coldplay. This isn't the anthem-rock like they've come to represent; this is the soft, quiet, introspective Coldplay...a quiet yet strong and beautiful outing.

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I absolutely love Coldplay. The piano and the overall sound is just amazing. I'm disappointed they don't have more on here, but it's nice to be able to get EP's and lesser known items for the "true" fan :) You can really hear how they've grown since this EP, and surprisingly, they are still great.

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It grew on me after a few


I like this album. albeit a short one. The music is something that I find myself playing again often.

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i'm sick of people talkn crap


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Brothers And Sisters


What a BS is that when I try to look for more Coldplay Albums I get this message: "We apologize but we don't have albums by Coldplay at this time. Why? It’s probably because we don’t have a deal in place yet that allows us to make their music available at the great price eMusic members expect and love." Your have albums!!!!!!! or is Borthers And Sisters NOT from the Coldplay??????????

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I hate this I just bought this garbage two cards thinking I got a good deal compared to apple and what do you know. I didn't read the card assuming they actually had some decent bands and I cannot find one.

They Say All Music Guide

The Brothers & Sisters EP was originally released in 1999 and only available as an import. Coldplay were mere babies when recording the three songs found here; however, the sophistication that would soon be Parachutes was already coming into form. Before Coldplay had a record deal in the States, they were primarily a singles band in the U.K. Next to the Safety and Blue Room EPs, Brothers & Sisters is one of the many that made them a favorite among the college and indie rock crowds across Europe. From the cold acoustic guitars and Chris Martin’s icy vocals on the title track to the more dark and subdued “Easy to Please,” one could sense that Coldplay would do something big. Whether they broke in America or not, they were still going to matter. Completists already know that, and Brothers & Sisters is mostly for them. – MacKenzie Wilson

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