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Field Recordings From The Sun

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Field Recordings From The Sun album cover
Beneath The Ice Age
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Return To Heaven
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The Unicorn
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The Black Poodle
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Total Tracks: 5   Total Length: 36:44

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Tim Chester


Comets On Fire, Field Recordings From The Sun
2002 | Label: Ba Da Bing Records / Revolver

Field Recordings from the Sun captures Comets on Fire at their most unhinged. Later albums Blue Cathedral and Avatar, while more commercially successful as the band started touring with the likes of Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, saw the Comets'freak-out tendencies tempered by more conventional song structure; it's here they really opened it up. You get about three minutes of folktronic plinking and plonking before the signature Comets on Fire sound kicks in.… read more »

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Wild and crazy


This is a no holds barred collection of wild, crazy and loud rock. Great stuff should be more of it.Bet the meters in the studio were red lining all the way while they were recording this.

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I feel like something nearby might explode when I listen this shit. Holy fuck.

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Massive Cream/Zeppelin blues riffs. Feedback. Feedback fed into an echoplex. Vocals fed into an echoplex. Obtuse instrumental passages (with...you guessed it...echoplex). It's an acquired taste, but this is a very original and impressive album.

They Say All Music Guide

Santa Cruz semi-supergroup Comets on Fire, featuring folks from various other bands — like the Lowdown’s Noel Harmonson on “echoplex and oscillations” and Ethan Miller on guitar and vocals — created an agreeably tripped-out second record with Field Recordings From the Sun. Though the first, hyper-limited-edition release was MC5 meets Hawkwind in the farthest reaches of the galaxy straight-up, Field Recordings tempers that somewhat with a little more restraint here and there, making for some bemusing contrasts. Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance is one of the many guests, and hearing his involving percussion work on the opening “Beneath the Ice Age” may lead an unwary listener to think this will be a fairly low-key listen. That is, until the whole band completely fires up and Miller starts singing in a massively echoed voice over equally massive guitar riffs about god knows what. Given the equally jaw-dropping roars of “Return to Heaven” and “ESP,” the smack-in-the-middle mostly acoustic ramble of “The Unicorn” very much stands out, though to be sure feedback insanity begins halfway through and keeps increasing as the song continues. The general air of murk and mayhem could almost lead to assuming the album was recorded one room over, but the bandmembers clearly know what they want to achieve. Miller’s attempts to be both Rob Tyner and Robert Calvert (not to mention Wayne Kramer and Dave Brock) work not as a mere revival but its own form of insanity. The Ben Flashman/Utrillo Belcher rhythm section creates more than their fair share of heavy-duty rumbling mayhem and shot-to-hell R&B breaks, while Harmonson makes as many swoops and swirls as possible in the mix. “The Black Poodle” wraps everything up with a ten-minute space rock jam and then some, with Harmonson going crazy over the rhythm insanities conjured up. – Ned Raggett

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