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Kansas City 6

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Kansas City 6 album cover
Opus Six
Vegas Drag
Wee Baby
Blues For Little Jazz
St. Louis Blues
Walking The Blues
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 45:17

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More the Count


If you have other Basie, get this. If you have no Basie, GET THIS. If you are even looking the Count, you need this album, along with 88 Basie Street (also available here on eMusic). Great instrumentalists and charts make this a must have.

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Love This


I had no Count Basie in my collection and what a great place to start. Some wonderful trumpet work adds to Basies swing. Give this a try, you won't be disappointed.

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They Say All Music Guide

This is one of many small-group jam sessions organized by Norman Granz to feature pianist Count Basie. This time around the proceedings (utilizing a sextet) have plenty of solo space for trumpeter Willie Cook, altoist Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson (who also takes a vocal) and guitairist Joe Pass. As usual, when Basie had his way, the emphasis is on the blues and the music always swings. – Scott Yanow