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Sorry In Pig Minor

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Sorry In Pig Minor album cover
Cabin Man
Finished Again
No, I'm Not Coming Out
Dear Dad
Eureka! Funday!
Death In The Tall Weeds
El Shiksa
Life After Beth
Saliva Of The Fittest
Felon Of Troy
Say Uncle
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 47:31

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My personal fave....


Sux this was their last LP. I only got to see em live once on Sexy Pee Story, but this one had my hopes up REALLY high for the follow up. DOWNLOAD THIS BEAUTIFUL NOISE!!!

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Eureka Funday


I first began sampling "Sorry in Pig Minor" because it is, perhaps, the best album title this side of "Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy." My first exposure to it was a stream sample of a faux flamenco piece called "El Shiksa," a brilliant farce that would make Frank Zappa have to shake somebody's hand. I was sold. I downloaded. Most of this record does not disappoint, though I tend to leave off tracks 1 and 11 on my player because they are a bit too yelly and noise-laden to be relevant to the rest of the record. Aside from those exceptions, this is a nicely meandering, punny, smart and daring record. I very much like the rest of the Cows' catalogue, but I adore "Sorry in Pig Minor."

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No, jackass, the Cows are bracing and original.


If you can tolerate a lo-fi aesthetic (this is not Coheed & Cambria, thankfully), please give the Cows a shot. Not only do the songs have an outre, absurd sense of humor, but the Cows perform quite well on their instruments despite what folks might say. Kevin "Rutmanis" spent several post-Cows years in the Melvins and plays in Tomahawk, which should speak to his musical prowess. Shannon Selberg gets down pretty hard on the trumpet, too, in my opinion. I'd start with Cunning Stunts as a good introduction (splurge one download on "Heave Ho" at least), but definitely Sorry in Pig Minor is worthy of the downloads. I find their music highly enjoyable, and a lot of people would agree with me. So there.

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The Cows are total garbage


This band sucks. The Cows are not in any way punk rock. It's noise, feedback, and random screaming. The "music" is unlistenable. They aren't even a real band, it's just a noise joke. If you download any songs by The Cows, you are just going to delete them and waste your downloads.

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King Buzzo, from the Melvins royalty, produces this ninth album from the very unherd-like Cows. Sorry in Pig Minor is a big album — huge in sound, sleek and fat. Not an easy or even listen, Sorry in Pig Minor rocks back and forth like a strait-jacketed lunatic (“No, I’m Not Coming Out”) or bursts forth like an unleashed psychopath (“Cabin Man”). There is a wonderful disparity between the percussion (which sounds far away and primitive) and the rest of the music (which confronts and instigates). This album is the Cows at their cathartic best. The recording is psycho-grunge with punk rock horn that reaches to psychological depths. – Tom Schulte

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