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Clear album cover
Cosmic Cars
Alleys Of Your Mind
Industrial Lines
The Line
Cosmic Raindance
El Salvador
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 43:55

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Jeff Chang


The blueprint of modern techno
2006 | Label: Fantasy Records

Originally released in 1983 as Enter, Clear is a seminal techno classic. Juan Atkins and Rick "3070" Davis were two Detroit-area musicians who bonded over synth-electronics and sci-fi futurism. Davis was a Vietnam vet and a Hendrix freak. Atkins was a post-boomer generation DJ hooked on new wave and disco. Together, they became what Simon Reynolds would call "the missing link between the New Romantics and William Gibson's Neuromancer." But in the black neighborhoods of… read more »

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"Clear" is the song...


Just download one song..."Clear" You'll be playing it over and over and people will ask, OMG, who is this goodness? It's that good of a song. Simple and catchy.

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Is much techno this good?


I'm not even sure what techno means exactly yet(this album is my fist conscious decision to check it out) but if it's any indicator of the general direction of said genre, I can't wait for more! Yes, they sort of stole the ascending Kraftwerk melody trick on the first track, but listen and you'll notice they're making their own new sound with what's been taught them by Euro acts, Hendrix, and whomever else they are said to have loved. It's as quintessentially 80s sci-fi/dance material as its album cover, and easier to take seriously when you realize what these guys were creating no matter how silly the lovable "narration" and quirky vocals seem on the surface. Add to that that one of these guys is a Vietnam vet and I don't see how you can't at least give this a listen.

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Essential 'TeleFunken' and ahead of it time.


There is not doubt Kraftwerk had a major influence on Detroit's Techno sound. But it was a major importance to hip hop.Rappers began using punk/new wave influences, using electronics instead of studio band musicians. As hiphop fused dance, art (graffiti) and fashion style; 'Telefunken' was born. Cybotron's 'Clear' had a major influence and is one of the most sampled tracks today. Don't miss out on this important masterpiece.

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Brilliant album from Detroit techno legends. Although I was expecting it to be good - the variety is excellent. Artists like Moby and LCD Soundsystem owe a lot to this. Not a bad track on here, loads of variety, surprising amount of vocals, and worth downloading the whole album, but if you want a taster try the awesome "Cosmic Cars."

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The next step


If you like Kraftwerk you should get this album. It's fascinating to listen to - even the mistakes such as attempting a New Wave direction on tracks such as The Line - and there's even a few tracks that rival Kraftwerk for their cold robotic brilliance.

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This is Techno


Like the title says This Is Techno, the next step on from Kraftwerk. Emanating from the "D" (Detroit), Juan Atkins produced these tracks in the early 80's, they still stand up today. You ain't a techno connoisseur if you don't appreciate the influence Juan Atkins had on it's development.

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The only old-school electro LP with any amount of staying power (thanks in part to its release on Fantasy), this CD release of the Cybotron album — previously known as Enter — includes crucial, early singles like “Alleys of Your Mind,” “Cosmic Cars,” and techno’s first defining moment, “Clear.” The collision of Atkins’ vision for cosmic funk and the arena rock instincts of Rick Davis result in a surprisingly cohesive album, dated for all the right reasons and quite pop-minded. Ecological and political statements even crop up with the final tracks, “Cosmic Raindance” and “El Salvador.” – John Bush