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2 Audacious Mix CD - Continuous Mix

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2 Audacious Mix CD - Continuous Mix album cover
2 Audacious Mix CD - Continuous Mix
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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 60:21

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Incredible Mix


Don't let the length turn you away from this mix. It has an amazing flow to it, and once it starts, you won't want it to stop. Download this track!

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Well this is my first review since joining Emusic. This compilation mix is amazing, I nearly had an eargasm! Needs to be played through a good sound system to get the full effects of the sounds in these tracks (crank up your woofer). Any chance of a track listings for the mix? Top work Dave well thought out and mixed!

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What do you expect for 1 Credit?


Considering it only costs you 1 Credit, you get more than your money's worth! BTW, if the contents were listed, it wouldn't be just 1 Credit, would it? Enjoy!

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Can't believe this is only 1 credit!


This download is a steal! Here are the tracks: (1)Grass Is Always Greener (2)Rock To The Rhythm (3)Push That Thing (4)That Phone Track (5)Further Damage (6)Peep Show (7)Needle Damage (8)Rock With Me (9)Make It Last (10)Common Ground

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Track listing please


Track listings would be a good move. I know its one track but the contents of it would be an idea.