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Out of Season

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Out of Season album cover
Out of Season: Part 1
Out of Season - Interlude
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Out of Season: Part 2
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Out of Season: Part 3
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Scuffle: Part 1
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Scuffle: Part 2
Never At a Loss
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Total Tracks: 7   Total Length: 60:55

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They Say All Music Guide

The music on Out of Season is a series of free improvisations with sounds that are often closer to Derek Bailey than to Ornette Coleman. There are some interesting moments, particularly during the first half of “Out of Season: Part I,” where altoist Dave Rempis takes a strong solo, followed by a bit of Cecil Taylor-type piano from Jim Baker. However, much of this date features the quartet rambling through sound explorations that rarely develop or seem to go anywhere. “Interlude” and “Part II” are pretty dull and, although there is more fire during “Scuffle: Part I” (which has alto, synthesizer, bass, and drums interacting) and a couple spots for the lyrical side of Baker’s piano, it all seems rather inconclusive and random, switching moods now and then for no discernible reason and never resolving anything. Therefore, Out of Season is primarily recommended to listeners with patient and tolerant ears. – Scott Yanow

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