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David Gilmour

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David Gilmour album cover
There's No Way Out Of Here
Cry From The Street
So Far Away
Short And Sweet
Raise My Rent
No Way
I Can't Breathe Anymore
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 48:34

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David Gilmore Solo LP 1978


This is my high school coming to an end. So Pink Floyd-ish, you can really hear Gilmores input into Floyd. I love this album.

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Classic Floydish


I'm a huge fan of Pink Floyd and since David Gilmour is the true "Sound" of Floyd, this is like a Pink Floyd album. It's a wonderful listen.

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Classic Gilmour


If you like the old Pink Floyd sound. Welcome to the Machine, Animals, Dark Side of the Moon. Then you'll Love the album. It has the Floyd/Gilour sound that only David can create.

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Which One's Pink?


If you're a Floyd fan, this is a no brainer to get and enjoy.

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Floyd who?


David sounds great solo... he's "in the Pink"!!

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Always a good listen...


Snagged this one as soon as I learned it was available. Great guitar work, a mix of vox and instrumentals. Only a slight departure from standard Floyd. Good stuff!

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songs 2 5 6 9 are just as good as any pink floyd from this era. hopefully richard wright's solo album "wet dream" will show up on here too!

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golden memories


Thanks Emusic for bringing back music from my HS daze. This was a gem then, and it still hasn't lost its quality.

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If your a Floyd fan, get it


This is better than most Floyd albums, no stuff. Gilmour at his peak. Correction to the Guide review, "There's No Way Out of Here" employs a guitar talkbox, not a harmonica.

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They Say All Music Guide

By the time of David Gilmour’s solo debut, he had not only established himself several times over as an underrated, powerful guitarist in Pink Floyd, but as a remarkably emotional singer, his soothing approach perfectly suited to such songs as “Wish You Were Here.” The self-titled album, recorded with journeyman bassist Rick Wills and Sutherland Brothers drummer Willie Wilson, later to be part of the touring Floyd lineup for its Wall dates, isn’t a deathless collection of music in comparison to Gilmour’s group heights, but is a reasonably pleasant listen nonetheless. Certainly it’s much more approachable than Animals, released earlier that year, eschewing epics for relatively shorter, reflective numbers. While Gilmour wrote the vast majority of the songs himself, the most successful number was co-written with Unicorn member Ken Baker: “There’s No Way Out of Here,” an agreeably dreamy, wistful song featuring an attractive acoustic slide guitar/harmonica hook. That it sounds a bit like a Pink Floyd outtake certainly doesn’t hurt, but one figures Roger Waters would have tried for some heavily barbed lyrics to offset the melancholy. Throughout the album Gilmour sounds like he’s having some jamming fun with his compatriots in his own particular blues-meets-the Home Counties style, adding keyboard overdubs here and there (his efforts are passable, but it’s understandable why he’s known for his guitar work first and foremost). Numbers of note include “Cry From the Street,” with its fully rocked-out conclusion, the sweetly sad “So Far Away,” one of his best vocal showcases, and the concluding “I Can’t Breathe Anymore,” capturing the recurrent Pink Floyd theme of isolation quite well. While one would be hard-pressed to hum a memorable melody outside of “There’s No Way Out of Here,” it’s still a good enough experience for those who enjoy his work. – Ned Raggett

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