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North Hills

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North Hills album cover
That Western Skyline
Love Is All I Am
When You Call My Name
Give Me Time
When My Time Comes
God Rest My Soul
Bedside Manner
My Girl To Me
Take Me Out Of The City
If You Let Me Be Your Anchor
Peace In The Valley
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 54:56

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may take months for me


to try and listen to this one again. Went out on a limb based on reviews. Lesson: never only rely on reviews, listen to the clips. What a bore, may never listen to it again...It's not like I need to bee completely wowed, I just need something, anything to make me want to listen again. All that based on the first six tracks but that was ample opportunity to get a hook in me, which this recording clearly didn't.

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The melodies and harmonies are amazing... as good as the Beach Boys. Totally enjoyable and absolutely mesmerizing.

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love it


Quickly becoming my favorite

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In concert


I saw Dawes perform last week and they were amazing. The guitar playing was out of this world - great solos, great harmonies - they have such a good energy about them. They are so accessible right now but it seems like they'll get bigger and more popular soon. So much talent!!!

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Great Songwriting


Ever wonder what it might sound like if Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar wrote songs together again? This is that sound and these are those songs. I can't stop listening to this album. Terrific songwriting that's highly informed and influenced by Wilco, Neil Young and Robbie Robertson. I like the comparisons that I've read here to Dr. Dog, as well. Similar sound but in a different direction.

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Great vibe.


The albums sounds as if it were recorded live. A great vibe ala Wilco's Mermaid Avenue sessions.

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Pertinent Music for the Ages


I am a big CS&N fan, and I believe this band to be every bit as talented musically and lyrically...and I don't say that lightly. The harmonies on this album make it very hard to believe that this band is new and not a band from the times ago when music meant more than it does now. Powerful lyrics, music that will grab your brain, and harmonies to blow your mind...Looking forward to more.

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Best new band I have heard in years


I just saw these guys play Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia and I was totally blown away. 30 years ago a band like this would have had a giant contract and been plastered all over FM radio. I suspect that eventually they will get the recognition they deserve. See them live while they are still playing small venues. Their show is a real treat.

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This album has been in heavy rotation since I downloaded it. It's got deep lyrics, and endless melodies and harmonies. It reminds me of "Dr. Dog" (who are awesome). Another great ATO Records artist.

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Best record of 2009


This is an almost perfect album. It's just rough enough around the edges to make it real. Every single song is fantastic individually, but all together they form a mature, cohesive musical collage. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys country, roots rock, 70s classic ballads, singer/songwriters etc. I downloaded this immediately after seeing them open for Langhorne Slim, and have played it almost everyday since.

They Say All Music Guide

Often billed as the next generation of the Laurel Canyon sound, rootsy quartet Dawes evoke the spirit of their predecessors by matching acoustic-based music reminiscent of the Band or Harvest-era Neil Young with Byrds/Crosby, Stills & Nash-like vocal harmonies and lyrics that aspire to poetry. The quartet’s debut album, North Hills (named for the group’s Los Angeles area hometown, which is only 20 minutes away from Laurel Canyon), was recorded almost entirely live in the studio to 2″ analog tape, an approach perfectly suited to the combo’s earthy sound. The disc’s producer, Jonathan Wilson, often invited the members of Dawes to join in on informal, multi-generational jam sessions featuring Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst, the Heartbreakers’ Benmont Tench, and the Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson, and the spare, tasteful vibe of these artists seems to have inspired the feeling of North Hills. Lead vocalist Taylor Goldsmith is a careful wordsmith and endearing, emotive vocalist, coming off a bit like a mix of Gram Parsons and Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill. “When My Time Comes” finds him delivering a rapid-fire Dylanesque monologue about the difficulty of personal maturation, before breaking into a soaring chorus worthy of U2′s Bono. Elsewhere, such as on “Bedside Manner” and first single “Love Is All I Am,” the band leaves space for more gentle reflection, with lazy drumbeats, loping bass, and subtle organ flourishes creating the musical equivalent of a breezy California sunset. – Pemberton Roach

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