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Deadboy & the Elephantmen

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Deadboy & the Elephantmen album cover
Strange Television
Waking Up Insane
Song With No Name
Graves Beyond Windows
Otherworldly Dreamer
Like the Dead Would Laugh
High Monster
Heart of Green
Barefoot in the Dark
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 56:26

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When it all comes together


I've managed to catch DBEM several times 'round the dirty south and I have always been touched by Dax's voice...When it has a good band to back it up. Acid Bath, Agents of Oblivion, and DBEM (with full band) made amazing music and Dax soars on vocals but it is missing texture when it is him playing simple rhythm guitar and a basic drum beat. It all comes together when mixed w/ equally talented fellow musicians. Need to give up a little of that control, mate.

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like the White Stripes? I don't hear it...


First off, best I could figure for this album's release date is 2004 or thereabouts. (2 years prior to We Are the Night Sky). Second, I'm not sure where the comparison with Jack White comes from. If anything, Dax conjures memories of Layne Staley's best ballady stuff (Sap, Jar of Flies, etc.). This is top-notch, uncategorizable work. And let me also say that I love how Fallout Boy has become the go-to insult on e-music. "You didn't like the new John Adams/John Hammond/John Doe? Go listen to your Fallout Boy iTune!" Don't get me wrong, they're terrible and have little more to do with real music than britney spears. I just love that Fallout Boy has become lowest common denominator across all genres, even among such discerning tastes. They are something we can all agree on. koombaya

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You act like my friend is a "drummer" gives you credibility to speak that dax is a douche. your inability to think for yourself is astounding! You are the douche. I have met him personally. He is incredible and his efforts will at some point leave a legacy. Get back to your Fallout Boy cd and leave the choice tracks for the afficionado's!

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Dax Riggs is at it again. I got to a point where I just bought up his whole lot of music and realized, he makes it all happen. His voice is so dark, and his lyrics are so different. I can't see why he hasn't hit the masses yet. By the way, what's the date on this album? Anyone have the answer?

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the black stripes


The whole white stripe comparison is old and tired. F the white stripes (the F is for forget)its like comparing diamonds to dust. One will blow you away as the other just blows away. Dax riggs has been in music for a while and is far from new to the scene and the music he creates is all across the board so if your trying to put a genre on this music forget about it because it stands alone and cannot be touched. music like this will rip your soul out slap you in the face with it and then shove it right back down your throat and leave you hungry for more!

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A bridge


I like this one. This sounds a lot like a blend of the melodic stuff from Acid Bath and his more current work on Deadboy. Basically, he doesn't sound nearly as much like Jack White and you don't get that foot stomping rhythm.A trade off? Who cares if he is a douche, good artists almost always are.And should any of this stuff really be called garage? They adopted that kind of sound on We Are Night Sky, but this band was never Riggs and Brunet banging out hot tunes on cheap equipment next to the lawn mower. Get over your genres, it will make you life easier.

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Dax is a douchebag. I heard it from a girl who is a drummer.

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This album was originally released in 2002. It is the first full length recording by Dax Riggs under the Deadboy and the Elephantmen name. It is Dax Rigg's second melodic album following his fierce metal/sludge/doom days in Acid Bath. It is a much different sounding record than We Are Night Sky, the Fat Possum debut. It has much better production and is possibly Dax Rigg's best vocal performance. It is a dark, haunting, beautiful, melancholy record and an essential part of one's music collection. I can't recommend it enough.

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What happend!


Ok ... loved the first album! This one not so much. Way too studio! The whole reason you listen to garage is to get away from the studio sound. Tell the producer to put down the mixing board and let them do what they do best.