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Folk Music

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Folk Music album cover
A Deeper Blue
This I Dig of You
I Thought About You
The Chant
She's Leaving Home
Never Knew Love Like This Before
Short Story
Sweet Sticky Thing
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 65:27

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Top stuff


I highly recommmend this album ,top stuff.

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Whether It's Orgin or Organ...


...you're gonna love his CD. Led by the smoking guitar of Bobby Broom these guys can groove you into bad health! If you love great, in-the-tradition organ trio jazz you'll not be disappointed with these gentlemen.

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Chicago via Birmingham


I flew from Birmingham, AL to Chicago to hear some great Jazz. I visited the Jazz Record Mart and talked to Bob Koester about where to go and who to see in town. He pointed me to The Green Mill where every Tuesday night the Deep Blue Organ Trio (or Orgin Trio, depending on which music download subscription site you use) plays. I just got back to my place of rest after going to the Green Mill, and I'm full of sweet guitar solos, organ wails, and drum rhythms that I only thought existed "back in the day". Get this album. They are fantastic.

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Broom and the Gang - Modern Soul Jazz


Bobby Broom is one of the great jazz guitarists working today, firmly in the tradition of Charlie Christian, Grant Green, Wes Montgomery. One of his specialties is covering "classic pop/rock" material; this album features the Beatles' "She's Leaving Home"; memorable earlier covers include (under his own name) "Layla", "Superstition", "Wichita Lineman", "Stand", and "House of the Rising Sun". This disc also features some great jazz standards from Lee Morgan, Kenny Dorham, and Hank Mobley. Oh yeah, the rest of the band is good too. Chris Foreman's organ playing evokes Brother Jack McDuff. Rock on! Hey eMusic, It's great that good stuff like this is available from you folks, but it's kinda cheesy when the BAND'S NAME IS SPELLED WRONG...

They Say All Music Guide

The Deep Blue Organ Trio call their third album Folk Music — and they’re right; the rootsy, bluesy soul-jazz that they crank out on this CD is kind of a folk music in its way, a handed-down tradition that appeals to the man in the street as opposed to the pundits in the towers. They adhere 110 percent to the style that once was a fixture at inner-city bars everywhere in the U.S.A., established over a half-century before by Jimmy Smith. Organist Chris Foreman doesn’t flash his chops in the flamboyant manner of Smith. Rather, his is a low-key presence much like that of Melvin Rhyne or Charles Covington, and he displays a command of all of the patterns and timbres of his predecessors on the Hammond B-3 — the shouting Leslie climax, the held-down note underneath a developing riff, etc. Guitarist Bobby Broom likewise evokes Kenny Burrell and his friends, and drummer Greg Rockingham lays down the irresistible familiar grooves that remind one of his ancestors in the field. Sometimes, the Deep Blue’s choice of material will veer into the category of unpredictable; the Beatles’ “She’s Leaving Home” from the Sgt. Pepper’s days easily withstands the conversion to a moody, relaxed soul ballad, as does the Ohio Players’ “Sweet Sticky Thing” into a fast trot. Otherwise, it’s mostly blues, a few jazz semi-standards (it’s good to hear their eloquent, evolving revival of Lee Morgan’s prettiest tune, “Ceora”), and the occasional Tin Pan Alley standard (“I Thought About You”). Nothing new here, but they do it so well and with such a natural, unfeigned feeling for the old organ trio groove that you don’t care. – Richard S. Ginell

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