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Total Tracks: 14   Total Length: 42:49

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An International Treasure


Derek Bailey has been discribed as "much maligned" in another eMusic review. If this is in fact the case, I'd like to barf. This can not be true. Derek Bailey has dedicated a lifetime to pushing the limits and expanding the freedom of his instrument and his art. As a guitarist myself, the inspiration I get from him can not be measured. He is an international guitar/free jazz hero. I will say this however, one MUST see him live to fully appreciate the full intensity of his accomplishment and the beauty of his unique guitar attack.

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Aptly Titled Acoustic Explorations


Derek Bailey's improvisations are not based on chord changes or even songs, at least not any discernible ones. Dissonant and with little structure, these pieces nonetheless are quite evocative and provide enough interest for repeated listening. Bailey makes great use of his acoustic and draws a wealth of sounds from his instrument; although, he eschews traditional guitar technique as much as traditional song structure. This isn't background music, but dedicated listeners while find quite a bit to enjoy.

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They Say All Music Guide

This CD is reissue of the obscure Italian Cramps label LP from 1970, and this recording is one of the most searched for LPs of the godfather of free improvisation. Originally a very high production for the obscure guitarist, whose solo records are often produced as home recordings and live tapes, he is taken to the studio by Cramps and asked to define improvisation. A heady battle between thought and technique ensues, and we have a recording that could be the quintessential event in Derek Bailey documentation. Capturing the moment in extraordinary fidelity, this recording stands out in the artist’s expansive discography. Like his stunning Aida, that was reissued in 1996 on Jim O’Rourke’s Dexter’s Cigar label and the Music and Dance duo with Min Tanaka, these have a quality that stands head and shoulders above other Bailey recordings, which can at times be oblique and overtly abstract without the same animation of musicality. Improvisation is the apex, and the unconverted have no better place to start exploring the expansive discography of this artist. – Dean McFarlane

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