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How it Ends

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How It Ends - Radio Edit
How It Ends
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 12:02

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Denver is divine


This album goes great with just about everything. Like a good table wine.

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wow! wow!


get me more. cant take it out of the playlist... i think it is in all my playlists. seriously good stuff.

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Heartbreakingly beautiful


I didn't know what to expect when I downloaded this album because I'd never listened to Devotchka before. Then I listened to this album three times in a row. It's so emotional, so real. You need this. Now.

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other restricted album



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this is a beautiful album


don't hesitate to download

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Beautiful. Personally I would feel that songs 1,5,8,10,12 are the best - but then again, I am new to this E. Euro genre which, in my opinion is wunderschöne. All in all, the album is phenom. My personal favorite is the title track. Also check out Beirut if you haven't gandered that direction (I prefer their newest album)

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Sippin' wax and smokin' dust - just get it!


First, in response to Mister Charlie: A throwback to the 90's days of Firewater and who? Which 90's are you referring to. This record is hands down one of the most inspiring pieces of work released by a band in the last 5 years. The kind of record that actually gets you excited about 'new music' again, instead of shuffling through the 60's-70's era records in your itunes, searching for some fleck of authenticity to contrast the myriad of nonsense littering the musical landscape. I jumped on this train late and 2 years of my life were musically less exciting as a result, don't make the same mistake I did. This album has spent a considerable amount of time inside my aural sphere since I came across it last year. "You Love Me" is a great sample of what you're in for on this album.

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fo real


Without comparison, this has been my best find on emusic thus far. My only recommendation would be to NOT download track #2 (The Enemy Guns)- or at least to create a playlist of the album without that song. It's a fine song, but seems *really* out of place in the 2 slot on this album and makes the band sound gimmicky. That latter notion is summarily slaughtered by the genius of the rest of the album though.

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Who remembers the '90s?


Firewater: a cool rock band with some sweet eastern european tendencies. Giant Ant Farm: uncategorizable brilliant hodge-podge with eastern european tendencies. Devotchka nestles into the burlap sack nicely with those '90s bands, although I suspect they're a bit more well-dressed.

They Say All Music Guide

Listening to DeVotchKa’s third album, any aging ’80s indie kid will fall into a what-if daydream. Remember when Morrissey broke up the Smiths? Maybe instead of going solo, the Mozzer should have hooked up with Peter Solowka, who at the time was starting up his own solo project outside the confines of the Wedding Present, a tongue-in-cheek blending of U.K. indie guitar pop and the sounds of his Eastern European homeland called the Ukrainians. DeVotchKa’s How It Ends is a dead-brilliant amplification of what that fantasy collaboration might have sounded like. Singer Nick Urata only occasionally leans on the Morrissey-like qualities of his voice, most notably on the opening “You Love Me,” but the album explores the amalgam of Eastern European folk melodies and instrumentation with otherwise straightforward indie rock to a much greater extent than the Ukrainians ever managed (and unlike the somewhat similar 3 Mustaphas 3, they have a solid grasp of how to write a catchy pop song as well). They even go so far as to interject a little Calexico-style mariachi influence into the mix, possibly under the influence of producer Craig Schumacher, who’s worked with that band and Giant Sand. This is a wide-ranging and thoroughly enjoyable album from start to finish. – Stewart Mason

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