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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 48:00

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The title says it all


Somnambulist hedonism! One of the best ambient albums I have heard for a long time.

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Very gentle drone


I enjoyed this album for its subtle, smooth and round sounds. Nothing obstructive.

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The Compleat Uri Caine

By Kevin Whitehead, Contributor

Uri Caine personifies the postmodern musical impulse; he's recorded straight-ahead and not so straightahead jazz, funk, klezmer, Brazilian pop, turn-of-20th-century Tin Pan Alley songs and breathtakingly novel and diverse arrangements of 18th and 19th Century classics. Depending on the setting, he'll play grand piano, electric piano, their ancestor the pianoforte (as when wittily improvising on Beethoven's Diabelli Variations), harpsichord, organ, synthesizers - pretty much anything involving black and white keys. Most anyone else trying all… more »