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Relax With Nature Vol. 7

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Relax With Nature Vol. 7 album cover
Dolphins & Whales
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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 59:00

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Wondering Sound

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Robert Phoenix


Robert Phoenix has been a postman, gardener, special-ed aid, bartender, psychonaut, Tarot reader, phone psychic and new age buyer for Rasputin's Records. H...more »

Dolphins & Whales, Relax With Nature Vol. 7
2004 | Label: New World Music / PIAS Digital

Fifty-seven minutes of pure location recordings of cetacean song. Old as the planet, these storytellers sing in harmonic frequencies that channel mystery and history.

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fun ambiance


There are bubbling sounds throughout that some may find distracting, but they make a really fun mood; you're floating through the blue and there are some dolphins and whales around too!

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What a...different way to relax.


At first I was not relaxed by this. I tend to use this type of "music" to fall asleep to. But this is far better for daydreaming (if you have the time)! On a hot summer day, lounge in your Hawaiian shorts, set this track up, and imagine yourself in the cool, blue ocean (sans sharks and jellyfish of course).

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It is what it is...


...an ocean escape filled with sounds of water, dolphins and whales. Not the most relaxing cd because the sounds change often--compared to ocean waves or calm bay tracks--but still a fun way to let your mind wander from a long day.