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SCARLATTI, D.: Keyboard Sonatas

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SCARLATTI, D.: Keyboard Sonatas album cover
Keyboard Sonata in B flat major, K 545
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:06   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in F minor, K 466
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
7:51   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in F minor, K 365
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:08   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in D major, K 435
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:37   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in B minor, K 87
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
6:35   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in C major, K 487
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:32   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in F sharp minor, K 448
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:13   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in D major, K 492
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:52   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in G minor, K 30
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:58   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in G major, K 455
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:16   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in G minor
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:07   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in E major, K 20
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:30   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in A major, K 429
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:33   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in G minor, K 246
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
5:57   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in G major, K 427
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
2:35   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in B minor, K. 197
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
6:03   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in B minor, K 27
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
3:31   $0.99
Keyboard Sonata in A major, K 24
Artist: Domenico Scarlatti
5:14   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 18   Total Length: 75:38

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James Jolly


Domenico Scarlatti, SCARLATTI, D.: Keyboard Sonatas
2005 | Label: BIS

The 25-year-old Russian-born, British-based, pianist Yevgeny Sudbin is a true poet of the keyboard, alive to the numerous rhythmic and tonal subtleties that these infinitely creative works demand. He has put together a programme of great skill. Drawing on Scarlatti's vast output of sonatas, he can be as incisive and witty as any harpsichordist, or as wonderfully "flamenco" as any guitarist. There have been some classic recitals of Scarlatti's keyboard sonatas from the likes of… read more »

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A Poet


This is a young man destined for greatness. He transforms these sonatas into little pieces of poetry, each one a glittering, shimmering jewel, an eloquent moment in time. How? He uses the full resources of the modern pianoforte. Dynamics: the softest of whispers to the roar of thunder. Tempo: plasticity, flexibility, yet with a clear, inevitable sense of line. Voicing: on the paper you see two lines, with his hands, you hear many more weaving in an out, balance and alchemy. Pedal: Yup, he uses the pedal and makes these sonatas sing while maintaining clarity. He doesn't merely play these sonatas with brilliant technique and gusto, he realizes a vision of them in a depth that you can almost hear what they might sound like orchestrated. This guy is the real deal. A modern poet of the piano. More Scarlatti, please? Maybe some Bach, and of course, Schubert.

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Every one a winner


"plaguebearer" be damned - this is really fine playing. Sudbin is unafraid to deploy all the resources of his piano. The pyrotechnics of sonatas like K455 are taken with wit and nuance. And sonatas like track 11, which look like nothing on paper, are gently eloquent. There's not a single track that outstays its welcome - quite a feat for over an hour of Scarlatti.

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The emusic reviewer wrote very high praise for Subin and I can only echo the praise. If you have a choice in recordings of Scarlatti, you'll be very impressed with this one

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I've heard better


With this one you get fine passionate playing. However, I find the pieces here are not that appealing. If you are looking for a first time Scarlatti Cd skip this one and come back later when you've heard some of the most popular sonatas.

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It's all true


The reviewers are all over this, and with reason. Sudbin brings a clarity and sense of authority to these interpretations which demand respect, regardless of comparisons with other, supposedly more authoritative versions. I keep coming back to it over and over.

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from BIS:


Yevgeny Sudbin, piano --- the first CD of the young and extremely promising pianist Yevgeny Sudbin. For this occasion Mr Sudbin has chosen to record a selection of keyboard sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti. Brought to the attention of a wider audience by Sudbin’s great compatriot Vladimir Horowitz, the collection of 555 sonatas contains a wide variety of moods and colors which Yevgeny Sudbin in his carefully selected program succeeds in bringing out – while at the same time proving his own versatility as a musician. Described by a reviewer in The Independent as ‘a pianist of uncommon sensitivity and refinement’ with a ‘total confidence in his imaginative concept of each piece’, Yevgeny Sudbin at the age of 24 is on the threshold of what promises to become a most successful career and this disc, filled with glistening pearls, ingenious jests and beautiful masks, is the proof.