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End of Daze

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End of Daze album cover
Mine Tonight
I Got Nothing
Trees and Flowers
Lord Knows
Season in Hell
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Total Tracks: 5   Total Length: 18:11

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Wondering Sound

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Mike Powell


Dum Dum Girls, End of Daze
2012 | Label: Sub Pop Records

Sporting black leather jackets, bright red lipstick and hangdog poses, Dum Dum Girls resemble high-school dropouts from another time – the ’50s, maybe; or maybe it’s the ’60s; or maybe it’s the ’80s. Whenever it is, it’s not now. But no assembly of retro references, however clever, will get you to sing with a voice as bold, outsized and sad as Kristin Gundred, nor will they get you to write melodies as instantly indelible as… read more »

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End of Daze


This is fantastic. Live or in headphones.

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"It's frustrating to learn the guitar, because you suck so bad for the first week or two," explains Dee Dee Penny, the singer/songwriter at the center of Dum Dum Girls. "I could not handle sucking, so I just said, 'Fuck that.'" That was about 18 years ago, when Penny still went by the name Kristin Gundred and based most of her chord progressions around the buzzsaw riffs of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. In the vaguely… more »


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Interview: Dum Dum Girls

By Marissa G. Muller, Contributor

Dum Dum Girls may borrow their aesthetic from '60s girl groups, but their crackling guitar-pop doesn't sound dated, especially when it touches darker themes. "This year's been a drag/ Who knew it'd be so bad," Dee Dee sings in "Caught in One" — and she's not kidding. Written during the last days of her mother's struggle with terminal cancer, Only in Dreams explores emotional volatility, but never surrenders or collapses. It is Dee Dee's most… more »


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