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4 album cover
Sätt att se
Maleras Finest
Det Tar Did
Samtidigt 1
Ingenting är sig likt
Finns det någon möjlighet
Minda damer och fasaner
Samtidigt 2
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 37:33

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Awesome Swedish Rock Band


This is my favorite of their albums so far. Tio Bitar was a little more rockin' and Ta Det Lugnt had a little too much flute for my taste, but I liked the laid-backness of this one. Excellent post-millenium psychedelic rock.

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I think this is my favorite of their albums overall; it has a welcoming, expansive sound that is missing from Tio Bitar. Nice return to form.

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actually Dungen's fifth album


Album order goes like this (only 1 and 5 available on eMusic at the moment): 1. Dungen, 2. Stadsvandringar, 3. Ta Det Lugnt, 4. Tio Bitar, 5. 4.

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Oh man, this album is guuuuudd!


Check out the first track (Sätt att se) - if you like this, you'll love this album. There is a good variety (light piano moments, heavy rocking out, and some great moments of psychedelic bliss) and it's all held together by the awesome talent of this wicked band. That's worth saying again: Wicked band.

They Say All Music Guide

While Tio Bitar saw Gustav Ejstes relinquishing some of Dungen’s instrumental duties to other musicians, specifically guitarist Reine Fiske, 4 is the closest he’s come to employing a full-time band. The frontman confines himself to the piano and microphone this time around, only taking occasional stabs at flute and violin, while bassist Mattias Gustavsson and drummer Johan Holmegard join Fiske in creating Dungen’s sonic sprawl. As before, the band brews up a mix of psychedelic rock, free jazz, and other vintage genres associated with mind expansion and counterculture ideals. The folk influence that peppered earlier releases isn’t as prominent here, though, with a new emphasis on piano taking its place. That instrument lends softer textures to several songs, especially when combined with washes of woodwinds and strings.
“Marleras Finest,” in particular, mixes piano-fueled jazz with vintage elevator music, sounding like something that would’ve piped through the speakers of a 1960s dentist’s office after a laughing gas leak. Elsewhere, the bandmates turn their amplifier knobs to the breaking point while pummeling through a series of improvised psych-rock freak-outs. “Samtidigt 1″ is a freewheeling guitar showcase taken from a jam session — it fades in and fades out, seemingly stretching on for hours on either side of the snippet — and “Samtidigt 2″ reprises the same approach several songs later. Holmegard fills his percussion with Mitch Mitchell-styled fills, and Fiske fills every inch of space with slashes and stabs of crunchy, distorted guitar, earning his keep as the band’s second-in-command. There are well-crafted songs here, too: “Mina Damer Och Fasaner” begins like a Brill Building ballad before settling into a bassy groove, and “Det Tar Tid” showcase Ejstes’ talent for stacked vocal harmonies. In short, 4 offers a cross-section of the band’s catalog, mixing the structure-based songs of Tio Bitar with the instrumental workouts of albums like Ta Det Lugnt. Ejstes’ fiddle playing is missed, but that’s a minor complaint from an otherwise solid effort. – Andrew Leahey

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