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Me and You

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Me and You album cover
Me and You
We All Fall Down
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 6:36

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overlooked project from Ian Mackaye


This is a peculiar record, it's a side project that Ian Mackaye and Jeff Nelson of Minor Threat made in the "lost years" the years between Minor Threat (and Embrace) and Fugazi. I believe that Mackaye and Nelson were working on an Egg Hunt band, but that was not to be, and Mackaye would go on to form Fugazi. This record represents a transition from the hardcore sound of Minor Threat to the more post-punk/hardcore sound of Fugazi. I remember buying this 7" on vinyl when it came out, and I liked it, I still think the songs are great. It was a good "sneak peak" at what Ian's next band would sound like. Definitely recommended for Fugazi fans, especially if you like the early stuff. I the songs still sound great even after over 20 years!

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It sounds really cold


"Me and You" is really dry material. Except for the mischievous bits of quiet, hyper-tempo percussion (it sounds like someone is popping their finger against the inside of their cheek) its a really boring song. "We All Fall Down" is a little better, but its not great. It sounds like something that D. Boon could have written for the Minutemen's '3-Way Tie (For Last)'... which happened to be the only mediocre record that the Minutemen ever put out.

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Rare Ian project


I actually have this on vinyl, and it's very rare. I was super stoked to see this up. These two songs are classic Ian and are great.

They Say All Music Guide

Egg Hunt was just old pals Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson with some time on their hands in London after Minor Threat broke up, and before MacKaye would form Fugazi and Nelson would form 3. So from March 27-30, 1986, they went into Wood Green’s Southern Studios for the only four days this “group” existed, and made themselves a single. While that’s no formula for success and “Me and You” is merely average fare, the B-side, “We All Fall Down,” ranks among the highest points of these two gentleman’s storied careers. With no band to please, they stepped out of the bounds of punk or even punk-pop and made a marvelous one-song post-punk melodic masterpiece. It’s MacKaye’s unrivaled attitude and guts on vocals married to a pop tune (and soul-searching lyrics), anchored by his trebly bass and guitar playing, while Nelson pumps on the drums. The best part is the last chorus, where it seems like seven MacKayes and Nelsons are singing the title refrain over and over, in a wonderful three- or four-part harmony (it’s all but the bloody Beatles!) as the melody soars with each change. – Jack Rabid

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