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Similies album cover
Leaves Eclipse The Light
The Motion Makes Me Last
In Culmination
Weird Creatures
Nightmare 5
Making Up Minds
Bending Dream
Cease To Know
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 42:40

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Todd Burns


Eluvium, Similies
Label: Temporary Residence Ltd. / SC Distribution

"The vocal album." No words strike more fear in the heart of the instrumental music lover. But if you're at all familiar with the work of Eluvium, AKA Matthew Cooper, you needn't worry. His voice is exactly as you always imagined, a further intensifier of the depressing moods he builds in his Portland, Oregon studio. The vocal equivalent of the 27-minute piano sigh that was 2004's An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death, Cooper's… read more »

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On the fence


I don't hate the vocals, but they do come off as awkward to me, and I still haven't found the right setting to play this music in. It's too distracting as background music, and not quite varied enough to really grab my attention either. Tracks without vocals: 3, 5, 7. Of the tracks with vocals, I would actually recommend track 8, because it's not as structured, the vocals are backgrounded, he shuts up halfway through, and I can imagine how amazing it would be with no vocals at all.

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Drone with Vocals...and it works.


Ignore the negative reviews, download 'The Motion Makes Me Last", play it a few times and then a few times more and you'll believe Matthew has succeeded in adding vocals to drone and come out ahead. I found this a very successful progression in the life of Eluvium. OK the vocals are from the Brian Eno/John Cale school of almost singers, but he's not aiming for X Factor Karaoke but sounds that fits his own melancholic soundworld. Please don't judge it on the 30 sec samples, it simply doesn't do the album justice.

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Loved it!


I got this one on CD because I loved it, but its great as a download as well (that's how I first heard it). It reminds me a lot of Brian Eno, with the hushed vocals. Change is not always a bad thing!

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another 'no' vote on the vocals.


I like Eluvium quite a bit, even though I've always found Cooper to have questionable sensibilities at times (the stupid, mood-rupturing sample from THE BURBS on 'When I Live By the Garden and Sea' comes to mind). For the most part, though, I've been really enjoying the modest little piano-loop-based world of melancholy Cooper's been exploring over the last couple albums. I do feel the project could use a little something "more," an evolution of some kind; however, needless, mopey vocals of the "I'll obscure my voice because it's pretty boring and I can't sing that well anyway" school (ever so sadly popular in contemporary hipster music) -- are *not* it. Great cover art as always, better luck next time, Eluvium. Passing on this one.

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...an Eluvium album I'll want to listen to more than once. Old (Ha! Ha!) 4AD fans ought to give this a spin. Reminds me of that sound, but also a little of Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy). A pity that old fans of Eluvium might be left a little cold by the vocals.

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the vocals in the samples are not good, to put it mildly. if anyone knows any tracks here that don't have vocals, please post it as i'd only download those. thx.

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...but the vocals ruin it for me. The previous instrumental Eluvium albums are sublime. Hope that there will be more in the future.