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Future Funk

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Future Funk album cover
Wind It On Up (album)
Future Funk (album)
Tell Me Why (album)
Crankin' At The Go Go (album)
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 35:13

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Jeff Chang


Deep cuts and early sides from the creators of "Da Butt."
2007 | Label: Be-Bop & Fresh / The Orchard

Initially inspired by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, E.U.'s Sugar Bear led his band to adopt a go-go beat after seeing a Rare Essence show in the late '70s. Over the years they would experiment with calypso and reggae, too, and had their biggest moment with the 1986 Billboard #1 R&B hit "Da Butt." But their rarer early sides are most prized by DJs and crate diggers. The first side of this 1982 album is… read more »

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Always one of the greatest Go-Go bands!


I saw EU playing at three different clubs in DC in one night back in 85, and they were ecstatically good. This album isn't quite in that league, but gives a much better idea of how good they were than almost all their other releases. I had my vinyl copy nicked eons ago, so really chuffed to see this on Emusic. Listen to those horns blow on the title track! Unhesitatingly recommended to anyone who has the slightest love for go-go.

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Before "Da Butt" they pioneered Future Funk


While Go-Go never quite translated to wax like it worked live, this recording circa 1982 still shows Suga Bear and crew at their early best. The full side length epic "Crankin" may be as close as most of y'all will ever get to being there, deep in the pocket of sweaty DC 80's P=Funk'd up roto grooves.

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