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Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

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Take Care, Take Care, Take Care album cover
Last Known Surroundings
Human Qualities
Trembling Hands
Be Comfortable, Creature
Postcard From 1952
Let Me Back In
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 46:05

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A pioneer in 'crescendo-core', EITS put their best foot forward when they're drenched in reverb & delay, and sadness, and have snare drums shooting off like fireworks in the summer sky. They to do this exquisitely for all 45 minutes on Take Care, Take Care, Take Care until you play it again. a full review is available at www.yarnly.com

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good comeback


I'm a huge fan Explosions in the Sky, but I was a little disappointed after the previous record. It just didn't stick with me. But I'm finding "Take care, take care, take care" to be a much richer experience. The band has branched out a bit, incorporating some different sounds (Postcard from1952) and the melodies are back. The dynamics are still there but the production is more lush than "All of a sudden". While I'm not sure anything will be as epic as their early records, "Take care" is a great effort from these guys.

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Hmmmm, can't tell what we have here


I didn't hear anything very interesting in these tracks, but then a 30 second sample is not enough to verify the favourable review (by Ian Gittans) of songs that are mostly 8 minutes long. Doesn't mean there isn't something good here. I would have to risk disappointment to find out, but that's the main limitation of the whole etunes or itunes experience. It all comes down to 30 seconds

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Stop complaining about the price!


Complain about the music instead: a watered down, neutered shadow of their previous albums. I think I'm done with these guys.

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I truly find it hard to believe people can complain about the prices. I easily buy 6 CD's and some for $30.99. You get 36.99 worth of music. Even with the price increase it is a bargan. Plus, as Turntable says, 'you bought it'. I refuse to buy anything that restricts me from using as I please. If a purchase has been made by me to ITunes you will know it is a lie, someone else did it.

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Also a little surprised


Nice album. But for 3 bucks more, I can get the physical product at my local indie music store. That's a CD that you can burn into your computer at a much much much MUCH higher sound quality than you get at emusic, the art, the booklet *and* I get to support a local business and local jobs. I too will pass.

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A Little Surprised...


Such an amazing album, and people are complaining about it being $6.99? Really? Do you realize the vinyl sells for $25-$34? Amazon is selling the mp3 download for $9.99 right now, so this is still cheaper. Same price as iTunes? Well from eMusic you can actually do what you want with your music (since you BOUGHT it) - not just what Steve Jobs will allow you to do. Don't let the cost get you down. This album is great!

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