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The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place

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The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place album cover
First Breath After Coma
The Only Moment We Were Alone
Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean
Your Hand in Mine
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Total Tracks: 5   Total Length: 45:38

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Amelia Raitt


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Explosions In The Sky, The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
Label: Temporary Residence Ltd. / SC Distribution

et 'em up, knock 'em down. If what Explosions in the Sky do is so easy, though, why haven't there been a raft of imitators cashing in on crescendo-core? Here's a thought: it ain't that easy after all. Despite what sounds like an endless build-to-ecstatic-release formula, EITS's The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place is a masterpiece of restraint and, believe it or not, subtlety.

Whereas on the group's second album, Those Who Tell the… read more »

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blown away


amazing...along with tycho the best....the fact that its not an editor's pick means the "editors" know nothing!

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The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place


Pure joy! This is one of my favorite albums. So much emotion for nothing but guitars and drums. Don't skip "The Only Moment We Were Alone" to save money- it is my favorite song by EITS. I used to have a hard copy of this album, but when I lost it, I just had to buy this album again. Great music for doing homework and writing papers.

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Amazing Album - Bullcrap Pricing


It's an amazing album and $5.99 really isn't that bad but still...WTF emusic? I guess it could be worse. Amazon.com is selling this album for $8.99.

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Amazing Album - Bullcrap Pricing


It's an amazing album and $5.99 really isn't that bad but still...WTF emusic? I guess it could be worse. Amazon.com is selling this album for $8.99.

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Hyper-Dynamic, Instrumental Masterpiece


This is where anyone curious about Explosions in the Sky should start - it may only be 5 tracks, but they are epic enough to warrant the 12 downloads it will cost you. The most amazing thing about this record is how imagisitic and narrative it is. This is highly recommended for fans of Slint, Rachel's, Tortoise, and Tarentel. Excellent.

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Have to say, I'm getting really tired of the narcissistic little doodleheads infesting the review pages complaining about paying 12 credits to download an album. I would just ask: do you think it might be okay for the artists to actually get PAID a decent living wage once in a while? That would actually be a cool incentive for them to continue to make the music that you so greedily consume. And, by the way, it costs money to run emusic too. Or did you think the staff worked just for the love of music? At the end of the day, whatever pricing plan you're on, 12 credits is significantly less than you would expect to pay in a record store or on itunes or Amazon. So, please, I'm BEGGING: get a job, move out of your parents' house, and SHUT UP. By the way, this is a gorgeous album.

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A Glorious Anthem


A great album to close your eyes and soar off into another world. On an album without words, Explosions in the Sky is speaking volumes worth listening to. It doesn't get old or lose its luster.

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I could listen to this everyday.


In fact, for a while I did-- in the car, at work, on a hike, in the kitchen, going to sleep -- this music adds a touch of emotion to any boring day and makes living exciting.

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I like it alot


A friend from work gave me a song from this album (the first track) and I thought it was awesome. So, when I downloaded this album, I found that I like the rest of the album. Also downloaded How Strange, Innocence. I really like ambient and mellow instrumental indie-rock by bands like Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. At times I have felt Explosions in the Sky are a bit of a Mogwai rip-off, but I like them nonetheless or maybe because of that.

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Best of the Best From the Best


I've bought a whole lot of post-rock in the past five years since discovering it. This album is the one that got me started, and it's still the best. The songs are soaring, wrenching, and everything in between. The music is uniquely intense, and varied enough to avoid the monotony that too many post-rock bands drop into.

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They Say All Music Guide

Explosions in the Sky’s second effort takes a more studied, even lush approach to the literate chaos of their 2001 debut. But put on your sad sack thinking cap now, because Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place is a contemplative and heady rush of masterful melancholia. Its six songs are multi-minute, slow motion workouts of gentle electric guitar plucks and subtle/sudden washes of percussion — they’re still instrumental, but as lyrical as anything in the indie rock universe. “Only Moment We Were Alone” turns on a simple, melancholy guitar figure, the drums shifting from insistent catch-up mode to a studied march built to introduce the next layered crescendo. Explosions in the Sky doesn’t shift as suddenly or jarringly on Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place; the quartet has applied more structural predictability this time out, but is still quick about setting the sad butterflies in your stomach to fluttering. “Memorial” is the album’s meditative heart. It begins so quietly, reduced to brittle landscapes of tone. Lightly chiming guitars drift in, like the echoes of church bells off in narrow city streets. Then, like each of the album’s movements, it surges forward in a rush, like the overtures of Sonic Youth separated, dried, and ultimately lengthened in the blistering Texas sun. The final blast of distortion and staccato drumming is Earth at full bittersweet bluster. “Your Hand in Mine” ends things as they began, with a pair of determined guitars picking out a melody that’s both pretty and pretty damn heartbreaking. – Johnny Loftus

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