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Zombie album cover
Mr. Follow Follow
Observation No Crime
Mistake (Live At The Berlin Jazz Festival - 1978)
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 53:33

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Wondering Sound

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Jess Harvell


Fela Kuti, Zombie
2013 | Label: Knitting Factory Records / PIAS Digital

1976's "Zombie" is Fela's most insidious back-and-forth chorus. So catchy, in fact, that Fela's fans started shouting it in the street at those that the song accused of being the real zombies — the Nigerian police and military. Fela's double-time drill-sergeant delivery on the song is joined by his female troops shouting "zombie!" after each line. Unfortunately, by the time Zombiewas released, Fela had poked the bear through the cage one too many times, and… read more »

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