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Ragin', Full-On

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Ragin', Full-On album cover
Brave Captain
3:11   $0.99
Under The Influence Of Meat Puppets
1:56   $0.99
It Matters
1:36   $0.99
Chemical Wire
2:40   $0.99
Another Theory Shot To Shit
2:30   $0.99
On Your Knees
2:16   $0.99
2:56   $0.99
The Candle And The Flame
3:11   $0.99
Choose Any Memory
2:02   $0.99
Perfect Pairs
2:21   $0.99
1:40   $0.99
2:02   $0.99
Relatin' Dudes To Jazz
1:36   $0.99
Things Could Turn Around
3:08   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 14   Total Length: 33:05

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An All-Time Favorite!!!


Man, I'm just glad these guys got together & made such fantastic music after the demise of the Minutemen (God rest D. Boone's soul). The musicianship is great and the sound so unique! This is by far the BEST fIREHOSE to have, if you must have only one. If'n is a great one in it's own right, but to me, Ragin' makes the strongest statement...You must download it ASAP...

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Love this...


I liked the Minutemen and was bummed when D. Boon died, but fireHose was a great valentine to the man and the legend. Love "under the influence of meat puppets"!

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Bravest Captain


The opener is the strongest piece, but there are many other fine numbers (particularly Relatin' Dudes to Jazz and Chemical Wire). I could listen to this straight through just about any day. Also of note, the lyrics were printed in one long continuous spiral in to the center of the back cover. A challenge to read indeed.

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No minutemen but...


It's still pretty good. Definitely the best fIREHOSE album right here. The rhythm section is one of the best ever. That Ed guy is okay too. Doesn't have the indignation of a D. Boon. But he's probably more accessible. If you couldn't get into the Minutemen, try this on.

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this is my favorite fIREHOSE record. "flyin' the flannel" is also excellent but a major label release, so not here. much of the energy and mojo of the minutemen is preserved on "ragin". "brave captain" could be the perfect message to our current leader. the later records are somewhat less passionate & follow different formulas, but "flannel" has just as thoughtful songwriting. it's good to see this released here as it's good music for mobile purposes.

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A life-changer


This was my intro to the SST camp as I missed the Minutemen by 2 years or so - saw the vid for Brave Captain on late-night DIY skatevid cum TV show Bombshelter Videos out of Seattle. Rushed out and bought the whole catalog _and_ the philosophy.

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A watershed album


Ever since I first heard Brave Captain on a Santa Cruz skate video (Natas' segment) I've loved this band. For me it was the first realization that great music didn't need to be three chords and screaming.

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Solid Record


Their first record was their best; this is a solid effort that has echoes of the Minutemen but establishes some new identity. It's a good record and unfortunately they only went downhill from here. The opener "Brave Captain" was rather obviously about Ronald Reagan, still ostensibly running the country at that point, and is an underheard song that was pretty great.

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this album as a 12 year old..14 years ago, changed my life..well that and the sst catalog that came with the record..but this album is by far one of my all time favorites.

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Cigars and Busted Bass Strings


Twangy guitar, thumpin' Watt-bass and solid drumming make this one of my favorite post-punk listens. If you're peripherally familair with Watt's solo work, you'll find this less quirky and experimental. This is earnest, blue-collar punk-inspired rock. Dig it.

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They Say All Music Guide

When the Minutemen were forced to split up in December of 1985 due to the untimely death of singer/guitarist D. Boon, the remaining members (bassist Mike Watt and drummer George Hurley) were so devastated that they considered giving up music all together. Shortly afterwards though, a college student and major Minutemen fan, Ed Crawford, convinced the remaining members to soldier on. And soldier on they did, taking Crawford (known as “Ed fROMOHIO,” due to his signature on a letter) as their new singer/guitarist, and dubbing the new outfit fIREHOSE, after the famous Bob Dylan song “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” Their first album was issued less than a year after Boon’s death, 1986′s Ragin’, Full On for SST, and surprisingly, the new band sounded completely different than it’s predecessor (for example, Crawford had more of a real singing voice than Boon, the music was less unpredictable and more focused, etc.). Ex-Black Flag bassist Kira (and eventual wife of Watt) helped co-write several tracks: the hyper instrumental “Under the Influence of Meat Puppets,” plus “It Matters,” “Locked In,” “Perfect Pairs,” “Relatin’ Dudes to Jazz,” and “Things Could Turn Around.” Other highlights included “Brave Captain,” “Candle and the Flame,” “Choose Any Memory,” and “Caroms.” While fIREHOSE would perfect their highly original sound on future albums (Flyin’ the Flannel, Mr. Machinery Operator, etc.), Ragin’, Full On still proved to be a worthwhile, interesting debut. – Greg Prato

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