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Generic album cover
Life Is Cheap
Shed No Tears
(I Saw You) Shine (Generic)
The Way of the World
Life (Generic)
Living for the Depression
Sex Bomb (Generic)
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 40:38

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f*ck yeah.


bay area punk rock. 'nuf said. not enough? this band hates you, me and everyone else. feeds for great music.

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Classic Anti-Rock


It's loud. It's messy. Irreverent. Snotty. Yeah, it's pretty much perfect. Play this at Hot Topic. Watch the kids go into seizures. Yay, fun!

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I love this album to the point of madness


I already reviewed this, but want to stuff the ballot box of this album with 5 stars ratings. Please please please please please please please download this very wonderful album. Washes the unpleasant taste of Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors out of your mouth. ALBUM GENERIC ROCKS LIKE CRAZY.

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Crazy assed...


Sex Bomb will always be the highlight for me but this is a great album, the epitome of lo-fi, it don't get more lo-fi than this...

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7.5 mins, One 4 bar riff


Flipper is genius in the amount of fun they can get out of one idea. For example, see "Sex Bomb." My band used to cover it as our closer. It took us about 45 seconds to learn and we never got tired of playing it.

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far from generic...


Their finest hour, and far from generic, their raw, noisy, painfully poetic and viciously vital early 80's releases have been out of print for years due to the surviving band member's own idiocy. Looks like they finally wrested legal control from Rick Rubin who bought their (stolen) master tapes in the early 1990's. I see the band's legendary dysfunctional drugged out incompetence continues to this day with the missized cover art... oh well ...It's Flipper! Start downloading this now...and move on to the other albums as time & energy permit.

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best version of sex bomb baby!


this album is my favorite flipper lp. if you can only download 2 of their songs. get sex bomb baby (generic) and ha ha ha 7" version!!!

They Say All Music Guide

If great rock & roll is supposed to be about breaking the rules, then Flipper’s still-astonishing debut, Album — Generic Flipper, confirms their status as one of the great rock bands of their day. Album captures a band who not only refused to obey the accepted guidelines of rock & roll, they didn’t even bother to pay much attention to their own rules. On the opening cut, “Ever,” the band displays a willful contempt for rhythm, playing in a sludgy mid-tempo that wavers back and forth — and then they add a snappy (if casually executed) clap track over the top, making the sloppy mess seem almost catchy. Flipper slogs along through a slow, noisy swamp through most of the album, only to snap-to with a dose of up-tempo hardcore near the end on “Living for the Depression,” and then close out with the brilliant “Sex Bomb,” the closest thing ’80s punk ever created to the beer-fueled genius of the Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie,” and a song with a great beat that you just can’t dance to. And while Flipper seemed sincere about their utter lack of faith in mankind, on “Life” they dared to express a tres-unhip benevolence, declaring “Life is the only thing worth living for.” (Not to mention the angry but deeply committed finale to “Living for the Depression,” in which Bruce Lose declares, “I’m not living my life to be/A real cheap f*cker like you, copout!”) About the only accepted rule of rock that seems to mean anything to Flipper is that music isn’t worth playing if it doesn’t have passion; every noisy moment of Album — Generic Flipper sounds like Flipper was willing to live and die for this music (and in a sense, that’s just what Will Shatter did). On Album — Generic Flipper, Flipper plays noise rock with none of the pretension that later bands brought to the form, proving that music doesn’t have to be fast to be punk (a lesson that gave the Melvins a reason to live), and creating a funny, harrowing, and surprisingly engaging masterwork that profoundly influenced dozens of later bands without sounding any less individual two decades later. – Mark Deming

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