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Herein Wild

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Herein Wild album cover
You For Me
3:25   $1.29
4:50   $1.29
Into Blue
3:14   $1.29
The Depths
3:23   $1.29
Cliffs As High
3:26   $1.29
Minor Times
4:35   $1.29
3:05   $1.29
3:03   $1.29
Street Of Dreams
5:53   $1.29
2:10   $1.29
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 37:04

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Wondering Sound

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Annie Zaleski


Annie Zaleski has been writing about music for 13+ years. (Perhaps that's why she's always sleep-deprived.) Her work has appeared in various newspapers, magazin...more »

Frankie Rose, Herein Wild
2013 | Label: Fat Possum Records

Since striking out on her own in 2009, former Vivian Girls/Crystal Stilts drummer Frankie Rose has sounded more self-assured and willing to take risks with each album. Herein Wild, which follows last year’s excellent Interstellar LP, is no exception. The album features more polished production, emphasizing the emergence of ornate instrumental details like cinematic orchestra shivers (“Cliffs As High”) and muted trumpets and strings (on the otherwise acoustic “Requiem”). As a singer, Rose is more… read more »

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